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研究生(外文):Chih-Wei Hsu
論文名稱(外文):A Joint Selective Encryption and Digital Watermarking Scheme in H.264/AVC Videos for Digital Rights Management
指導教授(外文):Po-Chyi Su
外文關鍵詞:Selective EncryptionPartial EncryptionDigital WatermarkH.264/AVCDigital Rights Management
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H.264/AVC is expected to be widely used in streaming applications due to its decent coding performance. Many commercial and surveillance systems will employ H.264/AVC to facilitate the transmission and archiving of video content. However, the convenience of distributing digital videos may also raise certain concerns from content providers and owners so the issues of Digital Rights Management (DRM) of videos become critical these days. In this research, we propose a joint encryption and digital watermarking scheme in H.264/AVC compressed videos. We first present a novel selective encryption scheme under the framework of this state-of-the-art video codec. The main idea is to not only make the encrypted video useless for anyone who does not own the correct key for decryption but also keep the compatibility of H.264/AVC syntax so that the complexity of decoding can be reduced. In other words, the video frame can be extracted for viewing but is scrambled to conceal its intelligibility. The ideas of partial encryption lead to more efficient power management. In addition, we also present a low complexity fingerprinting algorithm by using the techniques of digital watermarking for encrypted videos. The information of target user can be embedded for the purposes of trailer tracking. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed scheme effectively scramble the video frame content and bring a negligible impact on the coding performance. Moreover, the coding complexity is almost not affected. The proposed fingerprinting algorithm can embed a reasonable amount of information into the compressed bit-stream without degrading the video quality.
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Motivation 1
1.2 Contribution 2

Chapter 2 Preliminaries 5
2.1 Review of H.264/AVC Standard 5
2.1.1 Structure of H.264/AVC Standard 6
2.1.2 Intra Prediction 6
2.1.3 Inter Prediction 11
2.1.4 Entropy Coding 15
2.2 Review of the Related Works 19
2.2.1 Selective Encryption 19
2.2.2 Digital Watermarking 21

Chapter 3 The Proposed Encryption Scheme 23
3.1 Overview of The Proposed Encryption and Decryption Scheme 23
3.2 Analysis of Previous Encryption Methods 25
3.2.1 Intra Prediction Modes (IPMs) Encryption 25
3.2.2 Motion Vector Difference (MVDs) Encryption 28
3.3 Improved Residue Encryption 29
3.4 The Proposed Combination of Encryption Methods 31

Chapter 4 The Proposed Watermarking Scheme 39
4.1 Overview of The Proposed Watermarking Scheme 39
4.2 Data Selection for Effective Digital Watermarking 42
4.3 Analysis of The Payload 45

Chapter 5 Experimental Results 52
5.1 Selective Encryption 52
5.2 Digital Watermarking 57

Chapter 6 Conclusion and Future Work 62

Reference 64
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