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研究生(外文):Jenn-Min Lai
論文名稱(外文):The Design and Fabrication of Micro-scale Accelerometer and Force Sensor - Preliminary Study
指導教授:成 維 華
指導教授(外文):Wei-Hua Chieng
外文關鍵詞:the micro capacitance accelerometerthe micro force sensor
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其次,依據力感測器的工作原理及壓阻效應,設計微型力感測器,並分析力感測器在不同受力狀況下的反應。據此,建構出轉換矩陣,並求得狀態數字(condition number) 。
This thesis explored the micro capacitance accelerometer and the micro force sensor as well as the fabrication processes of these micro sensors.
The principle of capacitance analysis was presented and the capacitance of the parallel-plate capacitor was calculated. Based on four bar linkage with elastic pivots structure, we have designed the capacitance type accelerometers. The responses of the structure corresponding to three different accelerating conditions were simulated.
The work principle of the force sensor and the piezoresistive characteristic were introduced. We analyzed the responses of the force sensor corresponding to several different loading conditions. We constructed the compliance matrix and obtained the condition number.
A new pattern to determine the <110> crystal orientation on [100] silicon wafer provided a valuable reference for all subsequent mask patterns. A new doping method could increase the B doping concentration of the P+ layer. Besides, an undoped epitaxial Si film was grown on the high doped silicon layer. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes for the force sensor was introduced. A prototype of the force sensor was fabricated and discussed.
第一章 緒論
1.1 簡介及文獻回獻
1.2 論文架構
第二章 電容式加速儀
2.1 電容
2.2 加速儀機構的構造
2.3 機構運動的模擬
第三章 微型力感測器
3.1 壓阻效應
3.2 工作原理
3.3 力感測器的分析
第四章 製程
4.1 晶片方向對準
4.2 蝕刻停止
4.3 p+層深度量測
4.4 微型力感測器的製程
第五章 結論
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