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外文關鍵詞:pseudo-hippingreaction sinteringnickel aluminidediamond toolwear performance
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鑽石刀具依基地可分為金屬基、樹脂基…等,其中金屬基材( metal-matrix )的鑽石刀具( diamond cutting tool )最為普遍,已被大量地使用在切削石材、陶瓷、碳化物等硬脆材料上,而目前使用的金屬基鑽石刀具中多以鈷為主要基材,但是由於鈷之價格高,且為重要的戰略物質,所以發展取代鈷的新材料就極其重要。
在鋸切帝王黑(supreme black)花崗岩的實驗中,當使用熱韌性較高之鑽石(SDB1100)經擬熱均壓後,無論在乾切或濕切之情況下,切削性能皆比使用熱韌性相對較低之鑽石(SDA85+)為佳。而在本實驗中,以添加10wt%銅之Ni3Al基鑽石刀具,擁有最佳之切削性能,具有取代鈷基鑽石刀具之可行性。
Cobalt has been widely used as the matrix material for diamond tools. It provides good bonding with the diamond grit and erodes at a rate compatible with diamond loss during sawing, cutting ,and machining. However, cobalt is a strategic material and is costly. The purpose of this study was to use boron-doped nickel aluminide(Ni3Al) to replace the costly cobalt as the matrix material for diamond tools. This new matrix was prepared by combining reaction sintering and pseudo-hipping in order to improve the matrix density.
The results showed that both SDB1100 and SDA85+ diamonds lost about 12% in weight during the pseudo-hipping process. The crushing strength also decreased and the Raman spectrum indicated that the diamond surface had been graphitized.
The grinding ratio is one of the indices used to evaluate the sawblade''s wear performance. In this study, the grinding ratio of a diamond tool of Ni3Al+10wt%Cu was the highest in both wet and dry cut conditions and is a potential matrix material instead of cobalt for diamond tools.
Keywords : pseudo-hipping, reaction sintering, nickel aluminide,
diamond tool, wear performance
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