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研究生(外文):Chia-Hsun Lee
論文名稱(外文):「Interactive Media」- A Multimodal Approach to Interface Design for Human-Computer Interaction in Digital Design Environments
指導教授(外文):Taysheng Jeng
外文關鍵詞:Multimodal InteractionDigital Design MediaHuman-Centered ComputingHuman-Computer Interaction
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Currently, digital technologies are intensively deployed in design studios. But the user interfaces of input and output devices, as like keyboards and mice, are not user friendly to designers. Designers have to issue a set of commands manually in front of workstations in order to gain control over the digital representations.
This paper provides an innovative concept of “Interactive Media” for human-computer interaction interface design. We augment design media with vision and speech recognition technologies. The focus is on how designers interact directly through multimodal interaction with a combination of traditional and digital design media.
We use “a symphony conductor” metaphor to designer presenting design work using voices, gestures, annotations to conduct various design media to express the design concept. We can use programmable laser pointers and gestures to manipulate digital information as the same way we do physically.
In an experiential HCI manner, we show the presentation activities can be improved by using augmented traditional design presentation tools with interactive media, so that designers can control digital information in an intuitive manner.
第一章 導論
1.1 研究背景 ■ 01
1.2 研究問題與目標 ■ 02
1.3 研究範疇與準則 ■ 03
1.4 研究架構 ■ 05
第二章 文獻回顧
2.1 相關理論回顧 ■ 07
2.2 研究成果回顧 ■ 17
第三章 多模式互動
3.1 設計發表與討論方式 ■ 27
3.2 互動式媒體之多模式控制 ■ 31
3.3 互動式媒體之呈現方式 ■ 36
3.4 多模式互動架構 ■ 38
第四章 互動介面設計與實作
4.1 設計者如同指揮家 ■ 43
4.2 指揮介面實作 ■ 46
4.3 電腦視覺運算與光點辨識 ■ 48
4.4 雷射指示器指揮設計媒材之呈現 ■ 51
4.5 手勢指揮設計媒材之呈現 ■ 55
4.6 動作瀏覽之實體媒介 ■ 59
4.7 圖面互動之實體媒介 ■ 63
4.8 語意聲控瀏覽 ■ 67
第五章 應用實例
5.1 智慧型空間角 ■ 71
5.2 設計發表場景 ■ 76
5.3 設計討論場景 ■ 79
5.4 作品展示走廊 ■ 81
第六章 結論與建議
6.1 結論 ■ 83
6.2 議題探討 ■ 84
6.3 後續研究 ■ 86
參考文獻 ■ 87
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