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研究生(外文):San-Bao Hsie
論文名稱(外文):A Comparative Analysis on Market Segmentation for Parents in Compulsory Education Students Attending Supplement Schools
指導教授(外文):Pei Chao
外文關鍵詞:ValuesLife StyleMarket SegmentationSupplement School
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Taiwan’s economic had grown magically since 1980, and make Taiwanese got rich and had raised their life quality very quickly. According to that, people spend more and more money on their children’s education. On the other way, because of the revolution on education policy, children have to learn more to get better grades.
So that supplement schools do become the profitable business model and expand quickly in Taiwan. But all the previous studies not focus on the parents who actually paid the money for their children. According to that, the purposes of the study are to understand the consumer behavior of the parents who let their children attend supplement schools or institutes, to know further if the parents show significant variance in the degree of their consumer behavior (including the motives, the sources of information, and so on). And the EKB model is conducted as conceptual framework of this study.
The data is composed from the parents whose child is the student of the junior high or the elementary school, and it is collected by 4000 questionnaires and returned completely by 605 parents (about 15.1% response rate).
第一章 緒論1
1.1 研究背景與動機1
1.2 研究問題與目的3
1.3 研究步驟4
1.4 論文架構5
第二章 文獻探討6
2.1 消費者行為理論6
2.2 市場區隔18
2.3 生活型態理論29
2.4 價值觀35
2.5 國內補習班消費行為之相關文獻探討38
第三章 研究方法42
3.1 研究架構42
3.2 研究假說44
3.3 變數衡量與問卷設計45
3.4 抽樣設計54
3.5 資料分析方法56
3.6 回收樣本數量57
3.7 問卷之信度與效度57
3.8 樣本結構分析61
第四章 實證分析及結果67
4.1 消費行為之分析67
4.2 國中小補習班學生家長特性與決策行為分析79
第五章 結論與建議113
5.1 假說檢定結果114
5.2 研究結果115
5.3 研究限制119
5.4 後續研究建議119
附錄一 研究問卷124
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