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研究生(外文):Chung-Pin Chou
論文名稱(外文):Supported Cobalt Nanoclusters on an Insulating Si3N4 Film
指導教授(外文):S. Gwo
外文關鍵詞:Silicon NitrideCobaltNanocluster
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In this study, a novel phenomenon of forming monodispersed Co nanoparticles at room temperature on a single-crystal Si3N4 dielectric thin film is presented. Results of very narrow size distributions with an average size of ~30 Co atoms have been obtained. We have found that cobalt clusters deposited on Si3N4 are stable with respect to cluster agglomeration/coalescence and thermal decomposition. Also, we have confirmed that the average size of Co clusters is independent of the deposition time and insensitive to the magnitude of the deposition flux. Therefore, their areal density can be controlled by the deposition time. The motivation for using a single-crystal Si3N4 support is two-fold. First, the dielectric support reduces chemical intermixing and electronic coupling (Si3N4 is an excellent diffusion barrier with a bandgap energy of 4-5 eV) between metal clusters and the substrate compared with situations using semiconductor or metal surfaces. Second, the defect-free Si3N4 surface provides us a unique opportunity to study the formation of metal clusters without the influence of surface defects. Consequently, quantum effect can play an important role in the size control.

2-1 矽(111)-7×7表面介紹....................4
2-2 單晶氮化矽/矽-8×8表面介紹..............8
2-3 薄膜成長基本原理.......................13
3-1 掃描穿隧顯微鏡的物理基礎...............19
3-2 實驗裝置及方法.........................24
3-3 數據分析...............................32
4-1 鈷成長於單晶氮化矽的行為...............37
4-2 金成長於單晶氮化矽的行為...............46
4-3 金在矽(111)-7×7表面的結構..............52
4-4 鈷與金的大小分佈之比較.................60
4-5 鈷與金的熱穩定之比較...................63

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