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論文名稱(外文):Mapping categorical data with genetic algorithm for KNN approximate search
外文關鍵詞:Memory-based ReasoningOrdering PathGenetic AlgorithmsMapping Algorithms
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Memory-Based Reasoning (MBR) can be applies to applications in various data types. MBR predicts the target value of a new instance based on a training dataset. The target value of the new instance can be predicted by the k nearest neighbors (KNN) in the training dataset. In order to retrieve the KNN instances, the instance between the new instance and each instance in the training dataset is computed. It is time consuming when the training dataset is very large. We can use an indexing mechanism to filter instances for distance computing. It is difficult to index categories. Therefore, we map categories of an attribute to numbers. The distances among the categories form a weighted complete graph. We then order the categories on a simple path, called ordering path. Categories are mapped to numbers according to their position orders.
In this paper we propose genetic algorithms to find the ordering path. We use a chromosome to encode a path and use score of an ordering path as fitness value. We develop a method to repair illegal chromosomes, due to crossover operation. Experiments are performed on a real-life dataset. Using the index to filter a small fraction of the dataset for approximate KNN searching. The result shows high percentage of true KNN instances have been filtered.
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第一章 概論 1
1.1 研究背景 1
1.2 研究動機 3
1.3 研究目的 8
1.4 論文架構 9
第二章 相關研究 11
2.1 索引結構之相關研究 13
2.1.1 R-tree 索引結構 13
2.1.2 葉節點和內部節點的表示方式 14
2.2 對映演算法之相關研究 15
2.2.1 FarthestPairFirst演算法 16
2.2.2 NearestNeighborFirst演算法 17
2.2.3 Expanding演算法 18
2.3 基因演算法之相關研究 19
2.3.1 基因演算法的相關名詞 20
2.3.2 基因演算法的演算流程 20
第三章 順序路徑之評估 27
第四章 用基因演算法解決排順位問題 31
4.1 修補式基因演算法 31
4.2 舉例說明 33
第五章 實驗結果 42
5.1 人造資料實驗 42
5.2 UCI真實資料實驗 50
第六章 結論與未來研究方向 54
6.1 結論 54
6.2 未來研究方向 55
參考文獻 56
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