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研究生(外文):Jian Zhong Ke
論文名稱(外文):Study of micro space electric discharging phenomenon between metal electrodes
指導教授(外文):Pei-Jen Wang
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隨著科技發展的日新月異,現今工業產品設計逐漸趨向微小化,尤以電力為動力源之各式產品設計中,其開關、斷路器及保險絲等基本元件,均為應用電氣接點原理所設計者;若電源高壓過高或控制電路短路故障,導致內部電崩潰現象發生時,將直接影響到開關之壽命及儀器之正常操作,甚而造成危險意外與損失。本論文根據Paschen’s Law之理論,進行探討尖形與平板形電極於數十微米間距下,使用一般金屬材料於直流高壓進行高壓崩潰放電現象;首先探討電極於微米級間距電崩潰問題,並著手規劃實驗方法與流程,裝置設備與實際進行電極微間距電崩潰實驗,藉由改變電極材料與間距等參數,探討各參數對高壓電崩潰之影響。


As manufacture technology has been improved over the past few years, it is evident that the size of the components to be manufactured has been affected, and the aspiration to reduce the size of such components is going towards microcosmic. One of the problems is the electrode breakdown at electrode separations for less than a millimeter separation. At large separation, the behavior of the electrodes has been widely studied and is reasonably well understood. However, some fundamental problems have not been probably addressed such as maximum safe operating voltages and critical dimensions required at the small separations between various types of materials.

In this thesis, experimental methodology and procedures were implemented successfully, and the experimental apparatus employed for measuring the breakdown discharge data were established. The experimental results have been compared with the theoretical predictions on the breakdown voltage based upon the so-called Paschen’s Law. The law was used to derive a set of curves that display the breakdown voltage versus the pressure spacing products. Then, the breakdown phenomenon in the gap between the electrodes with various metals under DC high voltages were analyzed. A basic guide for industrial design has be developed based upon the tested model; and, the research results can be extended to exploring the safety of electric switches. Also, the results can serve as the references in the design of micro- and nanotechnology products.

Keywords: Micron-gap、Electric Breakdown、Discharge Phenomenon.
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