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研究生(外文):Chia-Han Lin
論文名稱(外文):Biochemical analysis of porcine articular cartilage
指導教授(外文):Yen-Chung Chang
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目前,我們發現將軟骨碎片冷凍乾燥後以 guanidine HCl 並加溫至60℃以上,可以快速萃取出大量以及完整之蛋白,目前已針對這些萃取蛋白進行蛋白體學之分析。正在進行中的工作包括:探討萃取醣胺素之最佳條件,以及建立分析醣胺素之方法學。預定在上述方法學建立完備之後,進而分析正常與病變之人類軟骨組織,以期對軟骨之各種組成的功能有更深入的了解,並能提供組織工程在人工軟骨研發上有用的資訊。
We use porcine articular cartilage as an experimental model to extract proteins and glycosaminoglycans to optimize the conditions for extraction of proteins and GAGs from cartilage and the procedures for carrying out biochemical analyses of the extractable materials.

Currently, we can extract sufficiently large amount of proteins after treating the lyophilized cartilage slices with guanidine HCl at
60℃, and we have conducted proteomic analysis of these extractable proteins. The work still in progress include: to optimize the extract conditions for glycosaminoglycans and to establish the methodology for glycosaminoglycans analysis. We will analyze normal and pathological human cartilage after establishing above methodologies in order to understanding the function of various cartilage components and to apply useful information for the tissue engineers to develop artificial cartilage.
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