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研究生(外文):An-Ting Lin
論文名稱(外文):Identification of white spot syndrome virus latency-associated genes
指導教授(外文):Guang-Hsiung KouChu-Fang Lo
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For recent years, the detection of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) of general cultured black tiger shrimps in Taiwan reveals that as high as 90% shrimps are WSSV carriers. Latent viral infection generates a long-term relationship between virus and its host. Under the latent state, few viral genes are expressed, which establishes the latency stage. The study examines the transcriptional expression of WSSV 532 predictive open reading frames and further identifies the WSSV latent-associated genes by the reverse transcriptase- DNA polymerase chain reaction. It was found that wssv194, wssv313 and wssv369 express in the WSSV carried Penaues monodom, and the expression level increases with the infection time. The protein sequence analysis reveals that some predictive functional motifs of gene regulatory protein exist in the WSSV latency-associated genes. These three latency-associated genes might possibly be involved in the transcriptional regulation of WSSV latent stage.
一、 人工感染試驗與草蝦檢體之收取…10
二、 檢體DNA之萃取與白點症病毒檢測…10
三、 檢體RNA之萃取…11
四、 反轉錄酶-聚合酶鏈反應…12
五、 快速增殖cDNA末端…13
1. 5’端(轉錄起始點)快速增殖cDNA末端…13
2. 3’端快速增殖cDNA末端…15
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