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研究生(外文):Hong Hsiang Chi
論文名稱(外文):Study of Optical Reconfigurable Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs)
指導教授(外文):Shien Kuei Liaw
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對於光信號塞取多工器之研製,本論文擬以光纖光柵結合光循環器(Circulator),與配合光切換元件(Optical Switch)所組成,在光信號塞取多工器設計上,為避免光纖光柵的串音效應劣化,我們使用實驗室自製之光纖光柵,其反射率均在99.9%以上,且具有溫度補償作用,補償前後其溫度係數從從15pm/℃降低至0.7pm/℃。 在研製光信號塞取多工器方面,我們製作了4種形式的OADM:(1)雙台波長相同-四波道固定式光信號塞取多工器,其波長為1542.4 nm,1545.6 nm,1547.1 nm 與1552.3 nm。(2) 四通道可重構式光信號塞取多工器,其插入損失約5 dB、頻道內串音約25dB且頻道間距1.6 nm。(3)功率補償式的光信號塞取多工器在輸出端(output)則提供5dB的增益,(4)提供雙向傳輸的OADM,最後我們將對後續研究提供若干建議。
In this thesis, we design optical add/drop multiplexer (OADM) and study its applications in metropolitian area networks and/or DWDM subsystem. We propose a network architecture using -cell architecture to realize all optical networks architecture, in which the crucial modules of OADMs and optical cross-connects (OXCs) are implemented. Both of them make the network much more flexible and simple then ever. We introduce an example of “Double Ring -cell WDM network” to examine that OADM is indeed an importance part in the -cell architecture.
For investigation of OADMs, we integrated them with fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) and some related optical components such as optical circulators and 1xN optical switches. To prevent the crosstalk and reflection by home made FBGs, the FBGs have high reflectivity of 99.9% and low side lobes. The FBGs also be temperature compensated to avoid them from wavelength misalignment with the corresponding laser source. Temperature coefficient before and after temperature compensated is 15 pm/℃ and 0.7 pm/℃, respectively. The four kinds of OADMs we made are: (1) Two identical OADMs module with the same four channels of 1542.4 nm,1545.6 nm,1547.1 nm and 1552.3 nm and as an add-drop pair in the optical network, (2) a 4-Ch reconfigurable OADM with insertion loss, intrachannel crosstalk and channel spacing of 5 dB, 25 dB and 1.6 nm, respectively, (3) a power compensated OADM with net gain of 5 dB (i.e., virtual insertion loss of 5 dB!) for the pass-through channel, and (4) a bi-directional OADM with 45 dB isolation for either direction. Finally, we conclude our achievements in thesis and suggested future works.
目錄------------------------------------------------------ I
圖表目錄------------------------------------------------- III
第一章 緒論 ----------------------------------------------1
2.3拓蹼架構-波長蜂胞的全光分波多工網路------------------ 9
2.3.1. 波長蜂胞式結構------------------------------------ 10
2.3.2. -cell的分波多工光網路--------------------------- 11
第三章文獻回顧與分析------------------------------------- 15
3.1製作 OADM之考量----------------------------------------15
3.2 不同濾波元件之特性分析--------------------------------16
3.3 文獻上對OADM的研究與探討------------------------------20
3.3.1使用不同基材式OADM之特性---------------------------- 20
3.3.2 OADM之抑制串音機制----------------------------------23
第四章 光纖光柵式光信號塞取多工器-------------------------27
4.1 光纖光柵之製作----------------------------------------27
4.2 光纖光柵之溫度補償------------------------------------28
4.3 應用光纖光柵於光信號塞取多工器之設計------------------30
5.1 固定式與重構式光信號塞取多工器之比較----------------- 38
5.2 等間距-可重構式OADM ----------------------------------38
5.3 功率補償-可重構式OADM --------------------------------47
5.4 雙向-可重構式OADM-------------------------------------57
第六章 結論與未來工作-------------------------------------65
6.1 結論--------------------------------------------------65
6.2 未來工作----------------------------------------------66
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