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研究生(外文):Shun-Ping Wang
論文名稱(外文):Synthetic Environment Editor and Browser with SEDRIS Specification
指導教授(外文):Din-Chang Tseng
外文關鍵詞:SEDRISvirtual environment
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3D visualization technology offers more realistic presentation than 2D visualization technology offers; moreover, user can choose arbitrary views to visualize more information in a 3D environment. Constructing a 3D virtual environment needs many models such as, terrain, buildings, vehicles, vegetation, etc. and fluid data such as, atmospheric pressure, temperature, speed, humidity, magnetic field, etc. If huge amount of models and complex data are included in a virtual environment, the management of the environmental models and data will be very difficult. Thus we need a complicated representation and specification to describe the whole virtual environment.
In this study, we purpose a virtual environment system based on the synthetic environment data representation and interchange specification (SEDRIS). SEDRIS is a software engineering technique for describing complicated virtual environments. We utilize the technique to unambiguously represent 3D objects and their attributes to build a virtual environment. The proposed system includes an environment editor, a browser, a user friendly interface, a facile model manipulation, and two kinds of views in the virtual environment. Moreover, we provide a flying path editor for the virtual environment system such that we can demonstrate or rehearse a fly through simulation.
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