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研究生(外文):Chao-Sheng Wang
論文名稱(外文):Research and Development of Integrating Innovative Communication Protocol and Wireless Bio-Medical Sensor Network
外文關鍵詞:wireless sensor network
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In the age of rapid development on wireless technology, the need of information collection and analysis with numerous wireless sensor nodes grows correspondingly. How to build a set of efficient communication protocol and power management method becomes an essential task in this era. In this thesis, an appropriate network communication protocol that is suitable for power management of site monitoring and for healthcare monitoring was proposed. The communication protocol uses hierarchical architecture, which applies star topology in the local area wireless sensor network in order to decrease the communication complexity of wireless sensor network. Ad-hoc topology is employed among local area wireless sensor networks and the local control centers negotiate the operating schedule to avoid interference between ambient local area wireless sensor networks.
The research attempts to design the interior local area wireless sensor network protocol in order to provide wireless sensor nodes non-event-driven and ultra-low duty cycle power efficient nodes. Network characteristics and battery life-time estimation of wireless sensor node under the communication protocol is simulated by discrete event simulation method. In the wireless sensor network experiment, the wireless sensor nodes around the local control center can be controlled under the implemented communication protocol to form a local area wireless sensor network. Applying the local area sensor network in structure monitoring and healthcare monitoring are demonstrated successfully. Besides power efficient protocol, power harvesting system is implemented into power supply for the wireless sensor node, which scavenges environment vibration energy for power consuming usage in the idle mode is also detailed to further increase battery lifetime.
The wireless sensor node hardware design, communication protocol design and simulation, power efficient protocol and management, final integration and wireless sensor network experiments are all detailed in this thesis.
謝誌 i
摘要 iii
Abstract v
目 錄 vii
圖目錄 ix
表目錄 xiii
第1章 緒論 1
1.1 前言及研究動機 1
1.2 研究背景與文獻回顧 6
1.3 論文架構摘要 12
第2章 網路架構與通訊協定之設計 13
2.1 網路架構之設計 14
2.1.1 網路拓樸之設計 14
2.1.2 無線通訊技術之整合 19
2.2 通訊協定之設計 29
2.2.1 連結層 31
2.2.2 網路層 44
2.2.3 應用層 46
第3章 感測器網路通訊協定之設計與分析 49
3.1 網路層通訊協定設計 49
3.2 資料連結層通訊協定設計 51
3.3 網路特性分析 56
3.3.1 區域感測器網路模擬程式設計 56
3.3.2 區域感測器網路特性模擬 67
第4章 區域感測器測網路之建構與分析 73
4.1 無線感測器硬體設計 73
4.2 無線感測器穩定性分析 75
4.3 電源模組設計 78
4.4 感測器網路通訊協定實測 82
4.5 區域感測器網路之應用 87
4.5.1 結構監測之應用 88
4.5.2 生醫感測器網路 90
第5章 結論與未來展望 93
5.1 結論 93
5.2 未來展望 94
參考文獻 95
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