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研究生(外文):Kuang-Chung Lin
論文名稱(外文):Weight Loss Program Based on Telemedicine and Distance Learning
指導教授(外文):Hung-Wen Chiu
外文關鍵詞:TelemedicineDistance learningWeight-loss programBody mass index
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論文名稱:遠距醫療及遠距教學的應用 — 線上減重計劃
畢業時間:九十三學年度 第二學期
指導教授:邱泓文副教授 臺北醫學大學醫學資訊研究所

目前國內醫療院所普遍開設減肥門診/體重控制班/運動減重班,而現行減重計畫,計畫參與者須在院方指定的時間到院,經由門診 – 飲食營養諮詢課程 – 有氧運動課程之系列性的行程實施配合,來執行此減重計畫;遠距醫療是藉助無時空限制的通信與資訊科技,來交換相隔兩地之病患的醫療臨床資料及專家意見,以克服空間及時間的障礙。本研究融合減重計畫中節食計畫、體能活動計劃以及行為療法之概念;應用遠距醫療的概念,以及遠距學習計劃的設計與實施,配合減重計畫的療程,希望能夠證明網路減重班的成效,並藉此了解設置網路減重班的架構及限制條件。幫助網路學習者甚或一般民眾達到控制體重的成效,進而維持健康的身體及生活。



Title of Thesis : Weight Loss Program Based on Telemedicine and
Distance Learning
Author : Kuang-Chung Lin
Thesis advised by : Hung-Wen Chiu Ph.D.
Graduate Institute of Medical Informatics
Taipei Medical University

Most of the hospitals now have established anti-fat related out-patient diagnosis or programs in helping people to overcome obesity. For current practice patient enrolled in the program need to go to hospital at a specific timeframe to join the program for health review, diet consulting, or exercise training. With the realization of concepts of telemedicine together with distance learning, it could be more convenient for patients to participate in the programs without usual limitations of time and place availability.

In this study, we implemented a system using current off-the-shelf information technologies of software and hardware, to set up a virtual classroom on the Internet for a weight-loss program. The purpose of this study was to prove that a weight-loss program based on telemedicine and distance learning could be as effective as the ordinary face-to face process which patients need to visit hospital periodically. In addition, protocols with this study investigated the limitations and possible improvements for setting up a Internet weight-loss program.

Volunteers of this experiment were divided into two groups, virtual class and traditional class, without any baseline differences in body weight, BMI, body fat %, waist circumference, and hip circumference. After a 3-month weight-loss program, data had been collected for comparison between the 2 groups. The results, however, showed that the weight-loss program of the virtual class is acceptable and effective; improvements of the participants are slower than those of the traditional class. Members in virtual class had better interactions with the medical stuffs due to the features brought out by telemedicine and distance learning. On the other hand, inconsistency of enrollments were noted because of unavailability of direct monitoring, which was the key successful factor for a weight-loss program, either in a virtual or a traditional class.

Key words : Telemedicine
Distance learning
Weight-loss program
Body mass index
第一章 緒論
1.1 研究動機
1.2 研究目的
1.3 論文架構
第二章 文獻探討
2.1 肥胖定義與治療
2.1.1 肥胖的種類
2.1.2 肥胖的治療
2.1.3 節食計劃
2.1.4 體能活動
2.1.5 行為療法
2.1.6 輔助工具
2.2 遠距醫療
2.2.1 構成條件
2.2.2 應用方式
2.2.3 應用範圍
2.2.4 設計實施要件
2.2.5 有效性
2.3 遠距學習計劃
2.3.1 課程發展原則
2.3.2 學員參與意願
2.3.3 學習成效評估
第三章 研究方法與內容
3.1 減重班實施內容
3.2 研究架構
3.2.1 軟硬體架構
3.2.2 應用程式說明
3.2.3 輔助工具說明
3.3 研究方法
第四章 結果
4.1 網路減重班 虛擬教室系統建置
4.2 出席狀況調查結果
4.3 輔助工具使用狀況
4.4 減重成效資料分析
4.5 課程實施問卷調查結果
第五章 結論與討論
5.1 結論
5.2 討論
5.3 研究限制與未來展望

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