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研究生(外文):Yin-chi Chiou
論文名稱(外文):ISO 22000, FGMP and HACCP food safety management system combination feasibility research
指導教授(外文):Chien-chih Lee
中文關鍵詞:ISO 22000食品GMPHACCP
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在2006年的食品GMP認證體系推廣成效指標調查中,有86.7%的受訪廠商呼籲食品GMP、HACCP與ISO 22000進行相互採認的措施;如果食品GMP、HACCP與ISO 22000能相互配合採認,可以減少產品重覆查驗的次數、證書也可以一起拿到,但是部分的規費、相關認證的費用還是要給付,廠商還是願意申請,所佔的比例為 78.2%。由這些數據顯示,民間業者對於此三項驗證系統的整合相當期許,以減少繁複的作業。
目前尚無針對食品GMP、HACCP與ISO 22000管理系統整合性全面深入研究之文獻發表,但是透過其他相關的文獻探討與專家訪談得知條文之分析以及相關作業程序的統整及文件或表單的整理可以知道問題的核心點。
如果有一種可行性的方案是可共用於整個食品產業,對政府或是推廣單位來說,不失為一個方便的政策,因此本研究主旨在於探討食品GMP、HACCP與ISO 22000 食品安全管理系統相互之整合可行性。
考慮到食品GMP、HACCP與ISO 22000這三個驗證系統的整合性,本研究先從文獻瞭解到可以從條文分析和程序整理去著手,未來有關單位在推動整合時,可提供參考。然後在驗證內容的整理方面,將食品GMP、HACCP與ISO 22000分別跟據資格、程序、作業、費用、認證標章…等,並提出三個可行性的方案提供參考並與相關的專家學者做訪談,分析結果以短期效益來提出相關文件或表單整合,運用這些文件或表單就可以同時申請食品GMP或是ISO 22000,對廠商來講,就不用浪費相當的人力與物力在準備這些驗證制度上。
最後再將後續所設計出的文件或表單提供給相關政府主管機關、推廣機構與多家企業做驗證對策,結果顯示本研究所整理ISO 22000與食品GMP、HACCP的可相互運用的文件或表單可讓他們有參考的價值,所設計的文件或表單在實際的運用上也有所助益,為本研究提出的貢獻。
Present consumer's attention safe to the food, demand for spontaneity no matter inside enterprises of the person who makes relevant food industry or coming from customer's purchasing the request for the policy, regard obtaining relevant food authentication as one of its key working projects one after another . This measure can not merely ensure people's health, the hygiene that guarantee food's security, the food security hygiene administrative system which the manufacturer carried out actively is also the international generally acknowledged trend of food industry. To food industry, the security of the food is essential, the security of the food is in charge of accusing of like in order to examine for it alone, really exist a lot of instruments and errors of sampling artificially, how to use the whole, preventative management tool, potential and foreseeable danger will be defended and stopped up except supplying the chain, it will be that the relevant manufacturer of food need most urgently.
The FGMP certification system in 2006 is popularized in the effect index investigation, there is interviewing in the manufacturer and calling upon FGMP , HACCP and ISO 22000 to adopt the measure recognized each other of 86.7%; If FGMP , HACCP and ISO 22000 can cooperate and adopt admitting , can be got to cover the number of times , certificate checked to can reduce the products again together each other , but some rule fee, expenses of relevant authentication should be paid , the manufacturer would like to apply , the proportion accounted for is 78.2%. Shown by these data, the manufacturer property quite expects systematic merger of three verification system, in order to reduce the heavy and complicated procedure.
Is it manage to FGMP , HACCP and ISO 22000 system combination document that further investigate in an all-round way issue to have yet at present, probe into through other relevant document analysis and relevant interconnected system of operation procedure to learn clause whole and file or arrangement of form can know the problem with expert interview Key point.
If there is scheme of a kind of feasibility that can be used in the whole food industry, or popularize the unit and to the government , can yet be regarded as a policy of convenience, so this research purport lies in probing into the merger feasibility of FGMP , HACCP and ISO 22000 food security with mutual administrative system.
Consider that three verification system to combination of FGMP , HACCP and ISO 22000 , this research knows from documents first that can be put from analysis of the clause and procedure in order and set about , the unit concerned can offer reference while promoting and combining in the future. In verifying the arrangement of the content , is it mark chapter FGMP, HACCP and ISO 22000 according to qualification, procedure, expenses, authentication to follow respectively etc. to discuss, and propose that the schemes of three pieces of feasibility offer reference and do interview with relevant experts and scholars, the analysis result proposes with the short-term benefit that associated documents or the form are combined, use these files or forms to apply for FGMP, HACCP or ISO 22000 at the same time , for manufacturer, needn't waste suitable manpower and material resources in preparing these systems of verification .
Offer the relevant government's competent authority, popularize the organization and many enterprises to do the follow-up file or form designed the countermeasure of proving afterwards, the result shows that this research arrangement FGMP, HACCP or ISO 22000 with the file or form in order and lets them have value consulted that can use each other, the file or form designed is benefited to some extent in real application, in order to originally research and propose meager contribution.
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