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研究生(外文):Shu-Wei Li
論文名稱(外文):Satellite observation on summertime SST fronts around the Taiwan Bank
指導教授(外文):Cheng-Hsin Liao
外文關鍵詞:SSTentropy-based edge detectionfrontTaiwan Bank
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本研究使用1995年至2005年之高解析度衛星海洋表面溫度影像與1998年至2005年的水色衛星資料,以邊緣偵測法觀測台灣淺灘周邊海域夏季海洋表面溫度鋒面與環境特徵。結果顯示臺灣淺灘附近之湧昇區及邊緣水域夏季有明顯的鋒面帶存在。此一鋒面帶為冷鋒結構,鋒面附近海域有高的葉綠素濃度,其溫度梯度值(gradient magnitude),約在0.1~0.25℃/㎞變動,且隨著時序的推移,鋒面帶有部分消失的情形產生。
It is well known that upwelling of subsurface water is dominant around the Taiwan Bank (TB) and the Peng-Hu (PH) Islands south of the Taiwan Strait in summertime. SST frontal features and related phenomena around the TB-upwelling and the PH-upwelling were investigated by using long-term AVHRR (1995-2005) and SeaWiFS (1998-2005) data received at the station of National Taiwan Ocean University. Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and Chlorophyll-a (Chl-a) images with a spatial resolution of 0.01 degree were generated, and used for the monthly SST and Chl-a maps. SST fronts were extracted from each SST image, and gradient magnitude (GM) and orientation were derived for the SST fronts. Monthly maps of Cold front, where the cooler SSTs were over the shallower bottom, was produced from the orientation.
Areas with high GM (0.1-0.25°C/km) with characteristic shapes appeared at geographically fixed positions around the TB/PH upwelling region, where SST was lower than the surrounding waters. The well-shaped high GMs corresponded with the cold fronts. Two areas with high Chl-a were found around the TB and the PH Islands. The southern border of high Chl-a area in the TB-upwelling is outlined by the high GM area.
The shipboard measurements of the snapshot vertical sections of temperature (T) and salinity (S) along the PH channel showed a dome structure east of PH Islands, over which low SST and high GM in the maps of corresponding month were present. Clear evidences of the upwelling (vertically uniform distribution of T and S) were indicated at the TB edge in the T and S sections close to the TB-upwelling. This case of upwelling may be caused by the bottom currents ascending the TB slope as pointed out by previous studies. The position of low SST in the monthly map matched with the upwelling area, and the high GMs correspond with the area of eastern surface fronts in the T/S sections.
三 、研究動機----------------------------------------------------4
一 、衛星遙測資料------------------------------------------------7
二 、現場船測資料-----------------------------------------------11

Table 1 1995年~2005年歷年蒐集之衛星遙測SST影像張數--------------34
Table 2 ORIII-223 、ORIII-455與ORIII-1074 測站位置與深度表-------35
Table 3 ORI-575 典型黑潮水之溫鹽資料------------------------------36
Table 4 OR3-662OR3-662 典型黑潮支流水之溫鹽資料-------------------37
Table 5 OR3-662 典型南海水之溫鹽資料------------------------------38

Fig.1 台灣淺灘周邊海域地理環境示意圖------------------------------39
Fig.2 台灣海峽海流系統季節變化示意圖------------------------------40
Fig.3 夏季台灣海峽湧昇區域位置示意圖------------------------------41
Fig.4 衛星接收系統構造組成----------------------------------------42
Fig.5 NOAA衛星AVHRR表水溫影像之資料處理流程圖-------------------43
Fig.6 ORIII-223、ORIII-455與ORIII-1074之CTD測站位置分布圖------44
Fig.7 J-S 邊緣偵測法之四個不同方向的運算模式----------------------45
Fig.8 邊緣偵測法2004年5月10日水溫影像應用範例------------------46
Fig.9 深度變化與冷暖鋒面之形成機率圖------------------------------47
Fig.10 夏季六月至九月之月平均SST影像圖---------------------------48
Fig.11 夏季六月到九月之月平均溫度梯度圖---------------------------49
Fig.12 夏季六月至九月之冷鋒面機率圖-------------------------------50
Fig.13 夏季六月至九月之暖鋒面機率圖-------------------------------51
Fig.14 夏季台灣淺灘周邊水色影像圖---------------------------------52
Fig.15 GM值等於0.1範圍影像圖與表水溫影像圖、冷鋒面影像圖
Fig.16 ORIII-223之CTD測線之測站溫鹽分布圖-----------------------54
Fig.17 ORIII-455之CTD測線之測站溫鹽分布圖-----------------------55
Fig.18 ORIII-1074之CTD L1測線(測站1~6)之溫鹽分布圖-------------56
Fig.19 ORIII-1074之CTD L2測線(測站7~12)之測站溫鹽分布圖--------57
Fig.20 ORIII-223之CTD測線之溫鹽垂直斷面圖-----------------------58
Fig.21 ORIII-455之CTD測線之溫鹽垂直斷面圖-----------------------59
Fig.22 ORIII-1074之CTD L1測線之溫鹽垂直斷面圖-------------------60
Fig.23 ORIII-1074之CTD L2測線之溫鹽垂直斷面圖-------------------61
Fig.24 夏季(7月)湧昇區域、水溫鋒面以及水色影像結合圖-------------62
Fig.25 澎湖海域2005~2007年夏季棒受網漁業CPUE(kg/船天)
Fig.26 2005~2007年8月份平均表水溫影像、GM值與葉綠素影像圖及棒受網漁業主要漁獲魚種-鎖管及臭肉?之作業位置分布圖----------------------64
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