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研究生(外文):Chia-Nan Chien
論文名稱(外文):Ensemble recording system and development of telemetric technology for neural signals
指導教授(外文):Fu-Shan Jaw
外文關鍵詞:bio-telemetrydata acquisitionfield potentialsmultichannelmulti unit action potentials
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本論文的第二部份是建構了一簡單小型化無線遙測記錄系統,用於記錄大鼠自由活動時神經元的反應,其發射模組重量約只有大鼠體重的1%,所以不會對於大鼠移動時造成過多的負擔。這個系統具有長使用時間及等向性輻射等特性,滿足記錄動物自由活動反應的必要條件。另外,完成一低頻截止點到達6 Hz的調頻式接收器,以滿足記錄神經信號時所需之寬頻帶響應,其範圍包含了低頻的場電位信號。本論文詳細闡述設計這些系統時的考量因素及製作方法,希望能對其他從事相關研究的同好有所助益。
Electrophysiological techniques could help us to understand the complex behavior of neural activities. The conventional field potentials (FPs) and multi-unit activities (MUAs) recording are to complement each other. Firstly, a hybrid multichannel system was proposed to record FPs and MUAs. The detail procedures of microelectrode specification determination were described, and a custom-made electrode for the acute mapping of cerebral cortex was constructed. Moreover, a three-stage signal-conditioning unit was designed that offered low noise, low cost and excellent line-driving capabilities. The parallel architecture of the filter stage, just before the analog-to-digital (A/D) converter card, allowed the MUAs and FPs to be recorded simultaneously without further signal processing. To obtain a precision map, a 64-channel high-speed A/D card and its software program were purchased, which allowed “pseudo-synchronous” acquisition among different channels. Finally, the practical application of this system in investigating cortical responses showed that it met the requirements of ensemble recording.
Secondly, a simple miniature telemetry system for neural recording from freely moving rats was described. It weighed only 1% of the body weight of an adult rat and shows no observable effects on the movement of the animal. Together with its long recording time (more than 38 h), its isotropic nature, which was essential for working with freely moving animals, offer further advantages. A frequency-modulation receiver with a flat frequency response down to 6 Hz had been designed for wide-spectrum recording of neural signals, allowed FPs recording. The detailed design considerations and methods for implementing the system could be valuable to other neuroscience laboratories.
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1. 緒論 1
1.1 前言 1
1.2 文獻回顧 3
1.3 研究動機與目的 7
2. 神經網路活動記錄系統 9
2.1 前言 9
2.2 系統架構之考量 12
2.3多通道電極之製作 18
2.4多通道信號調控單元之設計 26
2.5近乎同步資料擷取系統 31
2.6系統實際應用與測試 39
3. 無線傳輸神經活動記錄系統 44
3.1 前言 44
3.2 生物無線遙測記錄模組之設計 49
3.2.1發射模組 49
3.2.2接收模組 52
3.3 實際應用與測試結果 57
3.3.1生物無線遙測記錄系統之實際規格 57
3.3.2神經信號無線傳輸 58
4. 討論與結論 64
4.1 神經網路活動記錄系統 64
4.2 無線遙測記錄系統 68
5. 未來展望 71
附錄一 無線傳輸系統之相關原理 80
附錄二 論文著作表 90
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