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研究生(外文):Ching-che Tsai
論文名稱(外文):The Motion Artifact Detection and Signal Reconstruction in PPG
指導教授(外文):Yue-der Lin
外文關鍵詞:motion artifact.singular value decompositionphotoplethysmographyField Programmable Analog Array
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由於老年化社會的衝擊,心血管疾病不斷攀升,使得生理監測設備的重要性與多樣性顯著提高,對於傳統生理量測設備而言,若是要追加新功能則需重新設計且增加成本。光體積變化描計圖(Photoplethysmography , PPG)的量測具有容易架設、使用簡便以及價格低廉等優點,且PPG富含多種生理資訊,但是PPG對於移動干擾過於敏感,導致生理量測設備出現錯誤資訊與警報。因此,本研究之目的是建立一套可彈性規劃功能的生理訊號量測平台,以及移動干擾偵測與信號重建之演算法。
1. 提出以可程式化類比陣列(Field Programmable Analog Array , FPAA)實現之生理信號量測系統,根據標準儀器同步量測之結果指出,兩者的相關性係數高達0.99,NMSE與NRMSE分別為�{54.8dB與�{20.2dB,證明此架構從事生理信號量測之應用是可行的。
2. 開發出即時偵測PPG移動干擾之演算法與人機介面。
3. 提出SVD信號重建演算法,但是在實際應用時信號有SNR的限制。
4. 實現SVR頻譜,可用於主成份頻率之分析。
In modern society, people have longer life expectancies than the past due to the rising quality of life and medical technology. Nevertheless, the numbers of patients suffering from cardiovascular disease have increased due to social impact of aging and the lack of appropriate physiological monitoring equipment. It is necessary to re-design systems as it would be too costly to add functions to traditional physiological measurement equipment. The advantages of photoplethysmography (PPG) measurement include easy setup, simple use and low cost. Moreover, PPG contains many physiological parameters. However, the PPG signal can be corrupted with motion artifact resulting in the erroneous information and setting off of an alarm on physiological measurement equipment.
Hence, the aims of this study are to develop a platform that can have flexible configurability for physiological signal measurement as well as algorithms of motion artifact detection and signal reconstruction.
The main contributions and results of this study are as follows:
1. A system based on Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA) for biomedical signal measurement is proposed, and the proposed system measures signal synchronized with the standard instruments. According to the measurement results, the correlation coefficient between them was as high as 0.99. Normalized Mean Square Error (NMSE) and Normalized Root Mean Square Error (NRMSE) were �{54.8dB and �{20.2dB, respectively. Thus, the implementation of the proposed system in biomedical signal measurement is verified.
2. A novel algorithm of real-time motion artifact detection in PPG and the human-machine interface were developed.
3. An algorithm of signal reconstruction using Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) was proposed, but this approach has the restriction of signal’s signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in practice.
4. Implementation of Singular Value Ratio (SVR) spectrum can be used in principal component analysis.
誌 謝 I
摘 要 II
Abstract III
目 錄 V
圖 目 錄 VIII
表 目 錄 XI
第一章 序 論 1
1.1 研究動機與目的 1
1.2 文獻回顧 3
第二章 理論背景與材料 5
2.1 光體積變化描計圖 5
2.2 移動干擾 10
2.3 可程式化類比陣列 11
2.3.1 FPAA內部結構 12
2.3.2 FPAA動作原理 14
2.4 奇異值分解 17
第三章 研究方法 20
3.1 系統架構 20
3.1.1 生理信號量測電路 20
3.1.2 電源電路 23
3.1.3 FPAA濾波器設計 24
3.1.4 資料擷取卡(DAQ card) 25
3.2 移動干擾偵測(Motion Artifact Detection)之演算法 26
3.2.1 波峰&波谷搜尋(Peak & Valley-Searching) 27
3.2.2 初始值設定階段(Learning phase) 29
3.2.3 偵測階段(Detection phase) 33
3.3 SVD信號重建演算法 35
3.3.1 主成份擷取 35
3.3.2 SVR頻譜 36
3.3.3 SVD信號重建 38
3.4 人機介面程式設計 40
3.5 驗證與分析方法 43
第四章 實驗結果 46
4.1 FPAA功能測試 46
4.1.1 反向放大器測試 46
4.1.2 微分器測試 48
4.1.3 積分器測試 48
4.1.4 以FPAA實現PPG濾波電路之頻譜測試 49
4.2 PPG量測與比較結果 50
4.3 干擾偵測演算法之實驗結果 67
4.3.1 人工合成之模擬MA信號 67
4.3.2 人工合成的MA信號測試結果 68
4.3.3 實際量測的MA信號測試結果 70
4.4 信號重建演算法之實驗結果 72
4.4.1 人工合成的MA信號測試結果 72
4.4.2 真實的MA信號測試結果 73
第五章 討論與結論 75
5.1 討論 75
5.2 結論與未來展望 78
參考文獻 80
附錄 83
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