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研究生(外文):To-Yeh Huang
論文名稱(外文):Developing a Cancer Diagnosis Database usingLight-Weight CMMI: A Case Study of Breast Cancer
指導教授(外文):Wu-wei LaiTing-wei Hou
中文關鍵詞:癌症診療資料庫Light-Weight CMMI
外文關鍵詞:Light-Weight CMMICancer Database
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癌症診療資料庫的建置,是藉由醫院的癌症團隊就各類癌症診療的專業需要,提出建構各癌症的研究資料庫中所應該記錄的資料類型與內容的需求,以讓收錄的研究資料能夠符合各類癌症的特性並作為後續研究的基礎。本研究在建立癌症診療資料庫的核心系統-個案管理資料系統過程中,導入Light-Weight CMMI的開發模式,希望在建構此一大型癌症診療資料庫的過程中引入提升軟體品質的手法,以提升軟體品質,並在開發其他癌症診療次系統時,能減少重複開發,縮短開發時程,且能符合不同的癌症專科診療團隊的需求。
本研究開發過程中透過了專案規劃與專案監控的流程領域對整個專案進行管理也同時產出了[專案執行規劃書] 、[系統需求規格書] 、[系統設計規格書] 、[整合測試規格書]等Light-Weight CMMI要求的文件以提升軟體品質,以利後續的系統維護與更新修改。
This research is the first step toward building a new version of cancer diagnosis database. The motivations are that records of cancer cases are needed by the National Health Bureau, and for supporting medical staffs’ researches. Many physicians and case managers (nurses) have been raising their requirements for the database. After system analysis, we find that the core of such a data base would be the case management, which shows/records the continuing progress of a cancer patient. Though it sounds easy to keep the progress of a cancer patient, it is hard for medical staffs to have such records because of privacy issue. For example, open cancer databases, such as SEER and FORDS, depersonalizes each record, which makes each record independent to each other.
In addition, light-weight CMMI, an approach to improve software quality, is adopted during the development of the database. Four CMMI required documents, i.e. project plan, software requirement, system design, and integrated testing plan, were generated. It is hoped that using Light-Weight CMMI would improve the software quality and to reduce the cost/overhead in developing other subsystems of the cancer diagnosis database.
縮寫名詞對應表 1
第一章 緒論 2
1.1 研究背景與動機 2
1.2 研究目的 2
1.3 研究範圍與限制 3
1.4 研究方法 4
1.5 章節架構 5
第二章 文獻的探討與回顧 6
2.1 癌症診療資料庫相關資料探討 6
2.2 Light-Weight CMMI相關資料探討 8
2.3 隱私權保護相關資料探討 11
第三章 Light-Weight CMMI 14
3.1 導入Light-Weight CMMI 14
3.1.1 導入整合能力成熟度模式的重要性 14
3.1.2 比較CMMI與Light-Weight CMMI 15
3.1.3 Light-Weight CMMI與物件導向程式設計 17
3.2 癌症診療資料庫 19
3.2.1 癌症診療資料庫說明 19
3.2.2 癌症資料庫運作流程說明 22
3.3 研究資料匯出之隱私權保護 24
3.4 建構說明 25
3.5 系統架構 25
第四章 系統實作 29
4.1 實作工具 29
4.1.1 資料庫系統 30
4.1.2 軟體工具 31
4.2 系統流程 32
4.3 系統展示 35
第五章 結論與未來研究方向 37
5.1 結論 37
5.2 未來研究方向 38
參考文獻 40
附錄一、 Light-Weight CMMI 相關文件目錄 42
附錄二、 專案工作項目總覽 60
附錄三、 專案分工結構圖 62
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