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論文名稱(外文):Particulate organic carbon flux in the upwelling region off northeastern Taiwan
指導教授(外文):Ching-Chang Hung
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本研究使用海研二號之10個航次在台灣東北湧升流區量測顆粒性有機碳的輸出通量之季節變化。研究結果顯示,湧升區的顆粒性有機碳輸出通量介於101~274 mg-C/m2/d之間,以目前的數據來看,在春天似乎有較高值(非颱風影響下)出現。此結果與前人以基礎生產力與f-ratio (new production/primary production)所估算的輸出通量相比(192 to 480 mg-C/m2/d),明顯較低。這暗示過去所推估的輸出通量有高估之可能。在顆粒性有機碳之儲量方面,其測值介於2.7~5.0 g-C/m2 之間。在西南季風盛行的航次中(6月、8月以及9月),由於受到營養鹽較缺乏的臺灣暖流水(Taiwan Current Warm Water,TCWW)向臺灣東北海域擴張的影響,顆粒性有機碳的儲量有著較低的分佈趨勢。
另外,在2008年夏季期間,我們也觀測到較高的輸出通量(274 mg-C/m2/d),是過去夏天期間所觀測到的數據之1.7倍以上(平均值),這很有可能是鳳凰颱風在航次前5天行經湧升區所導致。因此我們於2008年秋季期間,在另一個颱風辛樂克行經此海域之後的5至7天進行顆粒性有機碳之輸出通量的觀測,結果發現在颱風過後之輸出通量為233~298 mg-C/m2/d。換言之,此颱風事件可能會加強高營養鹽的次表層海水向上湧升、進而導致浮游植物的藻華現象,因而提高了顆粒性有機碳的輸出通量。
This study was performed on board the R/V Ocean Research II during ten cruises to understand the seasonal variation of the POC flux in the upwelling region off northeastern Taiwan. The measured POC flux in the upwelling zone ranged from 101 to 274 mg-C/m2/d with higher values in the spring (non-typhoon periods). The measured POC fluxes in this study are lower than the previously reported values (192 to 480 mg-C/m2/d) based on primary production and f-ratio, revealing that the calculated POC fluxes in previous research might have been overestimated. The measured POC inventory in the upwelling zone ranged from 2.7 to 5.0 g-C/m2, with lower values during the southwest monsoon season, affected by nitrate-depleted shelf waters from Taiwan Current Warm Water.
In the summer, 2008, the highest POC flux was 274 mg-C/m2/d, approximately 1.7 times that during other summer cruises. The enhanced POC flux is likely to have been caused by typhoon Fung-wong. Additionally, elevated POC flux values (233~298 mg-C/m2/d) in the southern ECS were observed 5 and 7 days after the passage of another typhoon, Sinlaku, which occurred in September 2008. On the other hand, typhoon events may enhance the upwelling phenomenon of the nutrient-rich subsurface waters, which then may be the cause of a phytoplankton bloom in the following days and weeks, and which then results in POC flux enhancement
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1.1 本研究的重要性 1
1.2 研究目的 2
1.3 研究區域水文環境之介紹 4
第二章 材料與方法 8
2.1 研究區域與樣本採樣 8
2.2 顆粒性有機碳之分析 9
2.3 沉降顆粒收集與分析 11
2.4 顆粒性有機碳輸出通量之日夜變化實驗 12
第三章 結果與討論 17
3.1 東海南部顆粒性有機碳輸出通量之季節變化 17
3.1.1 水文環境 17
3.1.2顆粒性有機碳的濃度與其他?數的關係 24
3.1.3 顆粒性有機碳的輸出通量之季節變化 34
3.2 颱風對顆粒性有機碳輸出通量之可能影響 39
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