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研究生(外文):Chen, Fu-Yei
論文名稱(外文):The Front Projection Type Auto-stereoscopic 3D with Retarder and Pattern Polarizer
指導教授(外文):Shieh, Han-PingHuang, Yi-Pai
外文關鍵詞:auto-stereoscopicprojectorpattern polarizerquarter wave plateAgO screencrosstalk
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In order to get more natural 3D sensation from displays, many researchers and manufacturers were attracted to invest in the development of 3D display technology in recent years. The traditional projection type polarized stereoscopic displays need to wear glasses, and the parallax barrier auto-stereoscopic display can not make in direct projection. Consequently we proposed a new kind of projection type auto-stereoscopic display combining the advantages of both projection type’s polarized stereoscopic display and parallax barrier auto-stereoscopic display.
A new kind of large size directly projection type auto-stereoscopic 3D display was designed, which includes a polarization projector, parallax pattern polarizer, quarter wave plate and AgO screen. Furthermore, the function of pattern polarizer is parallax barrier, which could separate the left and right eye images for observers. The crosstalk is less than 5% in simulation for direct vision. The experiment result shows that the crosstalk is less than 20% for direct viewing. The advantages of this structure is easy to fabricate, low crosstalk, large panel size(>50-inch), high brightness and dose not need to wear glasses, it can be used in large size movie theater screen, medical examine, entertainments, and commercial application .

Table of Contents
Abstract(Chinese) i
Abstract(English) ii
Acknowledgment iv
Figure Caption vii
Chapter 1 1
1.1 Preface 1
1.2 Principle of 3D vision 2
1.3 Introduction to 3D display 4
1.3.1 3D display using stereoscopic system 5
1.3.2 Auto-stereoscopic display 6
1.3.3 Multi-view display 6
1.4 Prior Arts on projection 3D displays 7
1.5 Motivation and Objective 9
1.6 Organization 10
Chapter 2 11
2.1 Traditional parallax barrier uses in projection type 11
2.2 The proposed structure 13
2.2.1 Equipments- Pattern polarizer and quarter wave plate 13
2.2.2 Proposed structure device 16
2.3 Principle of proposed structure 17
2.4 Light path of the proposed structure 18
2.5 Proposed structure design formula 20
2.6 Multi-view display design formula 21
Chapter 3 23
3.1 Simulation model setup 23
3.2 Simulation in light distribution 24
3.3 Improved in viewing window and crosstalk issues – open aperture optimization 25
3.4 The multi-view system 29
3.5 Summary 31
Chapter 4 32
4.1 Experimental equipment 32
4.2 Experimental method 35
4.3 Experimental results 37
4.4 Discussion 39
Chapter 5 40
5.1 Step one: Improved in reflected light issue 40
5.1.1 Principles of the improved method 41
5.1.2 Experimental Results of improved method 42
5.1.3 Light Distribution Measurement 43
5.2 Step two: Open aperture optimized 44
5.3 The crosstalk issues 46
5.4 Step three: Improvement by DCR (digital crosstalk reduce) method 50
5.5 Experimental pictures 50
5.6 Summary 53
Chapter 6 56
6.1 Conclusions 56
6.2 Future works 57
References 59

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