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研究生(外文):Chiu, Cheng-Wei
論文名稱(外文):GPU-based Real-Time Simulation of Thermogrphy
指導教授(外文):Lin, I-Chen
外文關鍵詞:thermal imageillumination modelvirtual reality
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The goal of this thesis is to propose an efficient framework for real-time thermography simulation. Since our purpose is not fully physical simulation but visually correct thermographic view, we propose a plausible illumination method for approximation of heat transfer where radiation, conduction and convection are all included. We use Phong illumination model to simulate radiation since indirect reflection can be ignored with low temperature difference. For simulation of conduction, we construct less 2D textures to substitute a large-sized volumetric 3D object to reduce computational complexity of heat propagation. To simulate convectional effect, we simplify the shapes of objects into cylindrical case and apply the formula of heat transfer from a cylinder in cross flow. All of these methods are able to be accelerated by GPU-based rendering which synthesizes realistic thermal images of a virtual environment in real-time.
摘要 I
Abstract II
Acknowledge III
Contents IV
List of Figure V
List of Table VIII
1. Introduction 1
1.1 Motivation 1
1.2 Background 3
1.3 Framework 7
2. Related Work 9
3. Overview 12
4. Voxelization of 3D Model 14
4.1 GPU-Based Voxelization 14
4.2 Optimization of Voxelized Texture 17
4.3 Multi-Level Voxelized Texture 20
5. Simulation of Heat Transfer 22
5.1 Radiation from Heat Source 22
5.2 Heat Propagation 25
5.3 Conduction by Contact 27
5.4 Convection in Cylinder Case 30
6. Experiment Results 33
6.1 The Analysis of Voxelized Structure 33
6.2 Turbulent Flow Effect in Convection 37
6.3 System Performance 40
7. Conclusion 43
References 44

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