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研究生(外文):Chun-Yi Lin
論文名稱(外文):Satellite Observation and Numerical Analysis in Upper-Ocean Thermal Variability
指導教授(外文):Chung-Ru Ho
外文關鍵詞:Heat fluxWarm core poolUpper layer thicknessTropical oceansSatellite remote sensingNumerical model
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In this study, we investigate the thermal variability of warm pools as well as upper-ocean in the tropical oceans using satellite data and coupled model results. The sea surface temperature (SST) and surface heat flux data from 1982 to 2008 are used as a baseline. The SST in the tropical oceans is binned into 1C interval. Observations at the high SST water areas show larger area increasing rates than that at lower SST areas because the net heat flux accumulates enough energy to support the development of SST at high SST water areas. Furthermore analyses of upper ocean heat budget between heat advection and heat diffusion suggest that heat diffusion processes may be a mechanism for transporting excessive amount of heat that the warm core pool through enhancing the SST gradient around the edge of warm core pool. The area increasing rate between 29C and 30C in the tropical oceans is as high as 51% of the area.
The National Center for Atmospheric Research Community Climate Model version 3 coupled to slab mixed-layer model have also been applied widely in the study of interannual climate variabilities in the tropical oceans. The model analyses show similar results of satellite derived data that high SST areas have larger area-increasing rates than that at lower SST areas. An ensemble empirical mode decomposition analysis shows that the interannual component has strong influence on the variability of the warm core pool in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, presumably because of the presence of El Niño-Southern Oscillation, while the annual cycle dominates the variability in the Indian Ocean.

Acknowledgements................................... ....................................I
Abstract................................................... .............................II
Abstract (in Chinese).............................. .......................................IV
Table of Contents................................. .........................................V
List of Tables................................ ..................................VII
List of Figures........................... ................................. VIII
List of Abbreviations............ ..................XIII

Chapter 1: Introduction.................... ..........1
1.1 Motivation…… ……1
1.2 Research Area and Background 3
Chapter 2: Data.......... .....10
2.1 Sea Surface Temperature Data ...... 10
2.2 Sea Surface Height Anomaly Data…… ….. 10
2.3 In-situ Measurements..... ... 12
2.4 Simple Ocean Data Assimilation Data.... .... 13
2.5 Reanalysis Heat Flux Data.... .... 14
Chapter 3: Methodology and Model... ..... 16
3.1 Methodology............ ........ 16
3.2 Two-Layer Reduced Gravity Ocean Model......... ........... 22
3.3 CCM3 Couple Ocean Model.............. ...... 26
Chapter 4: Heat Storage Estimation with Salinity Correction.…………...29
4.1 Haline Effect...... ......... 29
4.2 Salinity Correction in Basin Scale Ocean..... ........ 31
Chapter 5: High SST Water in the Tropical Oceans 34
5.1 Western Pacific Warm Pool................ 34
5.2 Upper Layer Thickness 40
5.3 Thermal variability.................. .45
5.4 Interaction between High SST water and Heat Flux Change .50
5.5 Time-Frequency-Spectrum-Energy .55
5.6 Long-term Variability with CCM3-SML Model. .57
Chapter 6: Discussion....... ............59
Chapter 7: Conclusions....... ............66

References............................. .69
Tables............................ ..80
Figures............................ ..84

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