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論文名稱(外文):The Recommendation and Forecast Method to Generate the Nobel Prize Candidate List
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Nowadays, the science and technology change, improve and update quickly in each new day. Therefore, many new research results appear and come out every moment. For this challengeable problem, we try to filter out the pioneer and milestone papers and authors from the huge heterogeneous publication data such as textbook, dissertation and periodical. The customized Bibliometric methods were designed to find those original and milestone papers in the academy research. After combining with information technology, the pioneer author and paper can be filtered out. It can also help to generate the remark research award owners’ candidate list. In this study, several recommendation formulas and algorithms were proposed such as Classical Paper Impact Factor, Latest Hot Paper Impact Factor, Pioneer Author Impact Factor and Highly Cited Author Factor. The raw data of Noble prize owners’ publication and citation were also collected in order to proceed with our experiment. There are more than one hundred years since Nobel Prize were founded. This prize was well known as the most honorable research award in the global. The purpose of Nobel prizes was setup to award persons who have significant discovery, innovation and impact to the human beings. However, it only has six fields for the limited budget. In order to extend this prize to other fields and domains, we try to develop several new recommendation approach and method which use Nobel prizes’ history data as the training and verifying data set. After our experiment, the forecast hit rate is over 50%. It means that our proposed method and design is at the feasible, accepted and trusted level.
第一章 背景及目的 1
1.1研究背景 1
1.2.研究目的 1
1.3.研究重要性 2
第二章 相關研究 3
2.1 相關文獻 3
2.2各領域重要獎項 4
2.3相關論文分析 5
2.3.1作者分析 6
2.3.2年代分析 7
2.3.3 期刊刊名分析 7
2.3.4分類領域分析 8
2.3.5文獻類型分析 9
2.3.6 國家分析 9
2.4相關論文關係 10
2.5本福德定律(Benford's Law) 11
第三章 研究方法 12
3.1研究步驟 12
3.2實驗用資料集合 14
3.3研究方法 16
3.3.1經典論文衝擊係數公式 16
3.3.2熱門經典論文衝擊係數公式 16
3.3.3領域內論文排序係數公式 17
3.3.4先趨作者衝擊係數公式 18
3.3.5高頻被引用度作者係數公式 18
3.3.6 H指數公式 19
3.3.7公式演算法 20
3.3.8公式演算法圖 21
第四章 分析與討論 22
4.1諾貝爾各獎項資料分析 22
4.1.1國家分析 22
4.1.2單位分析 27
4.1.3領域分析 29
4.1.4年齡分析 30
4.1.5性別分析 32
4.2教科書排序實驗分析 33
4.2.1分子生物教科書分析 44
4.2.2 HIV教科書分析 46
4.3博碩士論文實驗分析 48
4.3.1作者分析 48
4.3.2系所分析 62
4.3.1年代分析 65
4.3.2學校分析 69
4.3.3主題關鍵字分析 73
第五章 結論 76
參考文獻 78
附錄A 各大獎項列表 80
附錄B博碩士論文參考文獻相關資料 86
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