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研究生(外文):Shang-Wei Liu
論文名稱(外文):Effect of Positional Distribution and Unsaturation of Dietary Fatty Acids on Growth Performance, Fat and Calcium Digesttibility and Tibia Performance in Broilers
指導教授(外文):Shu-Hsing Chiang
外文關鍵詞:Positional distributionUnsaturationFatty acidsDigestibilityBroilers
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本研究分兩個試驗。試驗一為消化率試驗,48隻一日齡公雛肉雞,逢機分成4處理組,每處理6重複,每重複2隻,飼養於代謝籠中。飼糧中分別添加10% (0-18日齡)及8.7% (19-36日齡)4種不同脂肪:(1)豬油、(2)牛油、(3)高sn-2油及(4)低sn-2油,此4種脂肪之sn-2飽和脂肪酸(SFA)比例分別為53.3、13.0、51.6及12.8%,不飽和∕飽和脂肪酸(USFA/SFA)分別為1.1、0.8、1.1及1.1。於8-15日齡及30-35日齡時,收集排泄物,測定脂肪酸及鈣之表面消化率。試驗二為生長試驗,600隻一日齡愛拔益加公雛肉雞,逢機分成4處理組,每處理6重複,每重複25隻。試驗飼糧同試驗一者。測定雞隻生長性能及脛骨性狀。結果顯示,提高飼糧sn-2 SFA可提高脂肪酸及鈣消化率(P<0.05)。提高飼糧U/S可提高脂肪酸消化率(P<0.05)。提高飼糧sn-2 SFA或sn-2 SFA及U/S,肉雞增重及飼料利用效率則處理間無顯著差異。提高sn-2 SFA及U/S可提高脛骨強度。綜合以上,提高sn-2 SFA及U/S可提高肉雞對脂肪及鈣消化率及脛骨強度,此兩個因子可能為豬油較牛油具較佳表現之原因。
Two experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of sn-2 saturated fatty acids (SFA) level and unsaturation (unsaturated/saturated fatty acid ; U/S) of dietary fat on growth performance, fat and calcium digestibility and tibia performance in broilers. Experiment 1 was a digestibility trial, 48 Arbor Acres 1-day old male chicks were allotted to 4 treatments, 6 replicates per treatment, and 2 chicks per replicate. Chicks were fed diet supplemented 10% (0-18 day) or 8.7% (19-36 day) of lard (sn-2 SFA 53.3% and U/S 1.1), tallow (sn-2 SFA 13.0% and U/S 0.8), high sn-2 (sn-2 SFA 51.6% and U/S 1.1), or low sn-2 (sn-2 SFA 12.8% and U/S 1.1). Chicks were reared in wire-flooded metabolism cages. Excreta of chicks in 8-15 days and 30-35 days were collected. Fat and calcium digestibility were measured. Experiment 2 was a growth trial, 600 Arbor Acres 1-day old male chicks were allotted to 4 treatments, 6 replicates per treatment, and 25 chicks per replicate. Chicks was fed similar diets as in experiment 1. Growth performance and tibia performance in broilers were measured. Results showed, increasing sn-2 SFA increased total fatty acid and calcium digestibility (P<0.05). Increasing U/S increased total fatty acid and unsaturated fatty acid digestibility, and increased calcium digestibility during day 0-18 (P<0.05). Increasing sn-2 SFA alone or sn-2 SFA and U/S, reduced feed intake of chicks in high sn-2 group while chicks in tallow and lard groups had similar feed intake. Weight gain and feed efficiency of chicks were similar among treatments. Increasing sn-2 SFA and U/S increased tibial stress of broliers. In conclusion, increasing sn-2 SFA and U/S increased fat and calcium digestibility and tibial strength of broilers. High sn-2 SFA and high U/S could be the two reasons for lard performs better than tallow in broilers.
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