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論文名稱(外文):Effects of Oxy-Combustion on the Performance of a Direct Flame Fuel Cell
指導教授(外文):Yi-Chun Wang
外文關鍵詞:Solid oxide fuel cellDirect flame fuel cellPartial oxidize reformingOxy-combustion
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A DFFC characterization system, has been developed in the present study. The system includes a single SOFC stack, a flat burner, and relevant measurement apparatus. Effects of Oxy-Combustion on the performance of DFFC system are investigated experimentally using the setup.
The results show that: by replacing the nitrogen in the air with carbon dioxide, the performance of a DFFC system can be enhanced, and the fuel utilization efficiency.

摘要 I
Abstract II
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目錄 IV
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符號說明 IX
第一章 序論 1
1-1 前言 1
1-2研究動機 4
1-3文獻回顧 5
1-4 本文架構 15
第二章 實驗方法 16
2-1 實驗架構 16
2-2 SOFC還原程序 24
2-3燃燒產物成分定量 26
2-4 電性能量測 28
第三章 富氧燃燒對燃料重組之影響 30
3-1 火焰型態與溫度 30
3-2 停滯面氣體組成 34
第四章 一維停滯焰特性模擬 36
4-1問題描述 36
4-2統御方程式與邊界條件 37
4-3溫度與DFFC燃料 40
第五章 DFFC電性能測試 44
5-1固定總流量為4500 sccm 44
第六章 結論與未來展望 57
6-1 結論 57
6-2 未來展望 57
參考文獻 59
附錄A 孔板式質流量計校正曲線 63

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