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研究生(外文):Lai Chiau Yuan
論文名稱(外文):Surface plasmons induced from periodic silver island arrays
指導教授(外文):Lo Kuang Yao
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本論文主要研究奈米尺度下週期性排列的金屬銀島膜的光學特性,是否具有表面電漿的反應,即非連續金屬島膜是否存在表面電漿及可能傳遞。利用反射式二次諧波(RSHG)與衰減式全反射(ATR)的實驗的結果與理論之推導,嘗試瞭解表面電漿效應會不會對於所得到的實驗結果有所影響。我們利用銀島膜,與銀薄膜,及島膜與薄膜的大小組合,來進行實驗與理論分析。在RSHG方面,我們改變入射角,考慮島膜與薄膜在基板的面積比例,我們預期島膜應為薄膜強度的5%,但實驗結果比預期大小有增強的現象,這是由於週期排列島膜的倒晶格向量(G vector)符合耦合表面電漿子的相位匹配情況,而使二次諧波反射率增強,這裡最後利用有限時域差分法(FDTD)來驗證其結果。衰減式全反射方面,島膜鍍在菱鏡(SF11)下方,與載具隔著一個空隙,形成SF11、島膜、空氣的三層結構,由於島膜並非平整的薄膜,使ATR光譜出現多個dips。這些dips的來源不一,可能是表面電漿或繞射所造成,因此利用嚴格耦合波理論(RCWA)的方式,模擬同樣結構下金屬銀與介電質的ATR光譜,兩者相比較,介電質ATR光譜消失的dip即表面電漿造成,而其他dips則為繞射所造成。以上的分析可以知道此週期性金屬銀島膜之結構下,表面電漿所造成的影響為何。


This thesis studied reflective second harmonic generation (RSHG) and Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) from periodic silver nano-island arrays (PSNIA). We adopted PSNIA, silver thin film, and the combination of PSNIA and thin film to these experiments. An attempt of our work is to find the possibility of surface plasmons effect involving optical response of PSNIA samples. In RSHG experiment, the peak position and magnitude is obviously different from the Ag film. From PSNIA’s area proportion relative to thin film, we expected that PSNIA’s intensity is 5% of thin film. But, the experiment result is greater than expected one. The possibility is PSNIA create a reciprocal lattice vector which satisfies the phase-matching condition to couple surface plasmons (SPs). At the same time, this result was proved by finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulation. In ATR experiment, PSNIA is made at the bottom of SF11 prism with a spacing with holder to avoid the damage and backlight. Form a configuration of three layers, prism (SF11)/ PSNIA/air. Due to PSNIA is not a flat thin film, ATR spectrum will appear many dips. The sources of dips may come from surface plasmon resonance (SPR) or diffraction. Here, rigorous coupled wave analyze (RCWA) was used to prove the experimental result. Under identical structure with silver or dielectric, we do the comparison of these two ATR spectrums and find out the main mechanism. Above work, SPR effect in PSNIA would be clearer.

Chapter 1. Introduction 5
1.1 Physics of nano structure 5
1.1.1 The effect of nano particle 5
1.1.2 The particular property of nano particle 7
1.2 Periodic nanostructure arrays 8
1.3 Surface plasma 9
1.4 Surface plasmon on PSNIA 16
Chapter 2. Theory 17
2.1 From a smooth media 17
2.2 Reflective second harmonic generation (RSHG) 18
2.3 Reflective SHG from metal film 22
2.4 Reciprocal lattice of periodic silver nano-island arrays 24
2.5 RSHG from PSNIA 26
2.6 Attenuated total reflection (ATR) 27
2.7 Rigorous coupled wave analyze (RCWA) 28
2.8 Finite difference time domain (FDTD) 29
Chapter 3. Experiment 33
3.1 Fabrication of PSNIA 33
3.2 RSHG experiment instrument and setup 34
3.3 ATR experiment setup 36
3.4 Interface of labview 37
Chapter 4. Results and Discussion 39
4.1 PSNIA sample 39
4.1.1 The label of these samples 39
4.1.2 Defects on the sample 41
4.1.3 Sample location on SEM observation 42
4.2 Polarized Reflection from PSNIA 42
4.3 RSHG from PSNIA 45
4.3.1 The silver thin film of RSHG 45
4.3.2 The effective area of island film 46
4.3.3 G vector of samples 47
4.3.4 The enhancement RSHG from PSNIA 49
4.4 ATR from PSNIA 53
Chapter 5. Conclusion 57
Appendix 58
Photomultiplier tube 58
Lock-in amplifier 58
Filter …………………………. ……………………….………61
Reference 63

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