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研究生(外文):Ching-Hung Hu
論文名稱(外文):Flow Field Measurement with Color Micro Particle Image Velocimetry
指導教授(外文):Jyh-Jong Sheen
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In this study, a color micro particle image velocimetry (PIV) is demonstrated. Applying color high power light emitting diode (LED) as the light source and cardioid annular condenser in the microscope to preserve color information. This system is less expensive and saver than traditional PIV with double pulse laser and filter system. Utilizing ACIA (alternating color image anemometry) system let the exposure time can be control by the emission of LED instead of the shutter on high speed camera or PIV camera. Therefore we can replace high speed camera by a consumer DSLR (digital Single Lens Reflex). Because consumer camera uses Bayer filter mosaic as color filter array, the color will be less accurate. To solve this problem we use invertible matrix to optimize the wave length of our color LEDs. And we analyze the focus point displacement due to color dispersion.
Flow field of a microchannel with a cylinder was used to test the PIV system. The experimental results showed agreement with those from computer simulation software (COMSOL). Flow fields of circulation in microdroplet and both velocity and acceleration in hydrodynamic focusing were observed. In summary, experimental results demonstrate that this color µPIV system has the ability to measure both velocity and acceleration.

中文摘要 i
Abstract ii
目錄 iii
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第一章 緒論 1
1.1 微流體晶片 1
1.2 微流場檢測技術 1
1.3 研究動機與目的 3
1.4 文獻回顧 5
1.4.1 PIV技術之演進 5
1.4.2 應用LED照明之PIV技術 7
1.4.3 彩色之PIV技術 8
1.5 文章架構 13
第二章 彩色微質點影像測速儀之設計原理 14
2.1 PIV技術 14
2.1.1 質點影像 15
2.1.2 計算速度向量 19
2.2 環狀聚光鏡系統簡介 21
第三章 三色微質點影像測速儀設計 25
3.1 三色微質點影像測速儀硬體架構 25
3.1.1 LED 光源與驅動電路 26
3.1.2 心型環狀聚光鏡 30
3.1.3 相機與影像 35
3.2 彩色影像校正 38
第四章 三色微質點影像測速儀之實驗結果 42
4.1 典型微流場 42
4.2 微流體乳化晶片 46
4.3 流體聚焦微流體晶片 50
4.3.1雙流速範圍量測 51
4.3.2加速度量測 53
4.4 結論 59
第五章 結論與未來展望 60
5.1 結論 60
5.2 未來展望 61
參考文獻 62

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