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研究生(外文):Jia-Chang Shiu
論文名稱(外文):A Study of Smoke and Fog Detection Using Image Processing Technique
外文關鍵詞:Smoke DetectionFog Detection
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Smoke image detection technology is a widely used application, whether for humid climate, fog, smoke or combustion particles. It''s also used for many monitoring scenes, such as highway, air port, port, etc. In this study, the water vapor and burning images are integrated to establish a real-time detection system.
First, detect the smoke generated by combustion, and color-code the areal differentiate of the smoke accordingly. Then use the Motion History Image (MHI) algorithm to differentiate the moving objects on the screen. Smoke spreads to the surrounding properties. Test changes in the regional saturation. Since high temperature of the burning smoke makes the particle move upward. To avoiding mistaken detection is essential. Moist from fog blurs the image and then by using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to distinguish image clarity, the color difference between the regions can be accurately established.

摘 要 i
誌 謝 iii
目 錄 iv
表 目 錄 vi
圖 目 錄 vii
第一章 緒論 1
1.1前言 1
1.2研究動機 3
1.3研究目的 5
1.4文獻回顧 6
1.5論文架構 8
第二章 數位影像處理技術 9
2.1色彩空間介紹 9
2.1.1 HSV色彩空間 10
2.1.2 YCrCb色彩空間 12
2.2空間域濾波 13
2.2.1中值濾波器(Median Filter) 14
2.3傅立葉轉換 15
2.4影像二值化 17
2.5形態學 18
2.5.1 膨脹運算 18
2.5.2 侵蝕運算 19
2.5.3 斷開運算 20
2.5.4 閉合運算 20
2.6連通標記 21
第三章 實驗設備與偵測流程 24
3.1實驗設備 24
3.1.1 PTZ攝影機 24
3.1.2數位照相機 25
3.1.3個人電腦與程式開發軟體 26
3.2偵測流程 27
第四章 煙霧影像偵測 29
4.1煙霧顏色特徵 29
4.2燃燒煙霧偵測 30
4.3 移動物件偵測 31
4.3.1 連續影像相減法 31
4.3.2 連續影像相減累積法 32
4.3.3 MHI演算法 32
4.4 飽和度變化累計 34
4.5 煙霧方向判定 36
4.6 霧氣偵測 38
4.7高斯霧氣模型 38
4.8霧氣飽和度累計 42
第五章 實驗結果與討論 44
5.1實驗樣本介紹 44
5.2實驗結果 46
第六章結論與未來展望 51
6.1結論 51
6.2未來展望 52
參考文獻 53
附錄 55
附錄A SONY SNC-RZ30規格表 55
附錄B SONY SNC-RZ30 CGI Command List 57

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