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研究生(外文):Wen-Fu Chen
論文名稱(外文):A Bitplane-based Error Concealment Mechanism for JPEG2000 Coding Technology
外文關鍵詞:JPEG2000Error concealmentMedian Edge DetectorLeast-Squares
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近幾年,數位媒體技術在我們的生活中變得越來越重要,同時影像品質需求也越來越高。為了因應這樣的需求,一個新式的影像壓縮標準便在2000年被制定出來。JPEG2000 (Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000),便是一種高效能的影像壓縮標準,藉由透過小波轉換(Wavelet Transform)、量化(Quantization)以及熵編碼(Entropy Coding)等處理程序以產生影像壓縮。JPEG2000的壓縮架構中同時提供失真以及非失真的壓縮,並且也同時提供所謂的漸進式傳輸。另一方面,因為影像傳輸往往會透過有線或無線網路,且因為網路傳輸頻寬路徑與干擾等問題,因此極易發生錯誤。所以當錯誤發生的時候,假設接收端沒有任何錯誤隱蔽的機制,將可能導致整張影像品質急速下降。為了實行在解碼端的錯誤隱蔽(Error concealment)機制,本文提出了採取MED(Median Edge Detection)以及最小平方(Least Square)兩種方法去重建所接受到發生錯誤的JPEG2000位元資料。經過實驗證明,所提出之MED方法可以使重建後的影像具有不錯的品質,同時其運算複雜度也相當低。除此之外我們同時也使用了最小平方法,結果顯示最小平方法雖然有較高的運算複雜度,但是在較低頻的頻帶內具有較好的重建品質。

Huge media data are generated in our daily life, and the demand on the quality of media data is also getting increased. Thus, the processing, transmission as well as the storage of media data is getting important nowadays. For this, a JPEG2000 (Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000) coding standard is published in the year of 2000 for the lossy and lossless compression of still images. The JPEG2000, which applies the use of the wavelet transformation and provides progressive transmission, is a high-performance image compression standard. However, when the bit stream of the coded image is transmitted over the network, bit errors can occur due to limited bandwidth or interferences. Under this condition, an error concealment mechanism should be necessary for the receiver so that the image quality can be maintained. For this, we proposed in this paper an error concealment mechanism by using a Median Edge Detector (MED) as well as a Least squares (LS)-based predictor for the reconstruction of lost JPEG2000 data bits. Experimental results show that a very good quality for the reconstructed image can be achieved by using the proposed MED-based error concealment mechanism with a very slight computational cost. In addition to the MED-based error concealment mechanism, we also test the proposed LS-based approach on different test images. Though with a higher computational complexity, the experimental results show that the proposed LS-based approach can have a very good quality for reconstructed images in the lower frequency band.

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1.1 前言 1
1.2 研究動機 2
1.3 文獻回顧 3
1.4 論文大綱 4
第二章JPEG2000演算法介紹 5
2.1 JPEG2000架構流程介紹 5
2.2 前置處理/後置處理 6
2.3 小波轉換 9
2.4 量化 19
2.5 核心編碼器 21
2.5.1 編碼程序&編碼方式 25
2.5.2 算術編碼 32
2.5.3 位元率控制 37
2.5.4 標籤樹 41
2.6 編碼串流 42
第三章 JPEG2000錯誤隱蔽方法 47
3.1 JPEG2000錯誤預防機制 47
3.3.1 Median Edge Detector(MED) 52
3.3.2 Median Edge Detector-Vertical(MED-V) 53
3.3.3 Least-Squares(LS) 56
第四章 實驗結果 62
4.1 實驗參數與設定 62
4.2 各種MED預測器比較 63
4.3 IDS和MED預測器比較 75
4.4 最小平方法之錯誤隱蔽機制比較 103
4.5 MED預測器與最小平方法綜合比較 107
4.6 綜合比較運算複雜度 118
第五章 結論和未來工作 121
5.1 結論 121
5.2 未來展望 122
參考文獻 123

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