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研究生(外文):Chun-Chung Chu
論文名稱(外文):Clinical Application of Osseointegrated Implants and Telescopic Dentures in Periodontal Prosthesis
指導教授(外文):Andy Yen-Tung Teng
外文關鍵詞:pathologic tooth migrationposterior bite collapseperio-prothetic therapy
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In periodontal compromised dentition, the forces needed to maintain the teeth in a normal position are collapsed due to periodontal tissue breakdown; followed by a variety of different occlusal problems which includes: pathologic tooth migration, deepened bite, tooth loss, supraeruption, posterior bite collapse, and secondary occlusal trauma.

As critical and complex conditions exist in treating periodontal compromised dentition, two major challenges are faced, one is the control of infection and inflammation, the other is the establishment of a stable occlusion. Perio-prothetic therapy is an interdisciplinary treatment process which may involve many sectors of dental treatment such as oral surgery, endodontic treatment, adjunctive orthodontic treatment, and restoration. All these treatment regimens contribute to establish a physically stable occlusion, which will restore the function and esthetics of the patient.

Apart from the risk factors of the disease, other factors such as systemic condition, behavior, and financial demands will affect the outcome of the treatment.

A complicated yet time-consuming course is required to tailor a proper plan for every individual case; however, it is the only way to achieve the ultimate success.

In this article, 10 cases of advanced periodontal involved dentition are presented. These cases underwent a series of treatments; and restoration of function and esthetics was achieved through the use of implant supported prosthesis or telescopic dentures. After finishing the treatment, a maintenance therapy was offered, and the patients were recalled at regular intervals.

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病例(四):人工植體於廣泛性重度慢性牙周炎之全口重建---------------------- 122
病例(六): 套疊式雙重冠義齒於廣泛性重度慢性牙周炎之全口重建-----------186
病例(七): Konus雙重冠義齒於廣泛性重度慢性牙周炎之全口重建------------214
病例(八): Konus雙重冠義齒於廣泛性重度慢性牙周炎之全口重建------------243
病例(九): Konus雙重冠義齒於廣泛性重度慢性牙周炎之全口重建------------276
病例(十): 套疊式雙重冠義齒於廣泛性中度慢性牙周炎之全口重建-----------304

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