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研究生(外文):Ya-Pei Kao
論文名稱(外文):Design and Development of a 3-Axis Long Travel and High-speed Nano-scale Positioning System
指導教授(外文):Kuang-Yuh Huang
口試委員(外文):Pei-Chun LinMing-Han Liao
外文關鍵詞:Scanning probe microscopyPositioning systemHigh-speedLong travelPiezoelectric stackContinuous driving principleAmplifying flexure structureHOE-pick up head
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本論文設計之三軸定位系統尺寸為長55mm乘寬55mm乘高50mm,總重量為0.17 kg。X、Y與Z方向最大行程量可達63.2μm、57.8μm、9.7μm,而致動解析度分別為6.2nm、5.6nm、1.0nm,各軸全域非線性度分別為7.4%、6.4%、7.9%,各軸對應的共振頻率為1.12kHz、1.06kHz、3.06kHz。所開發之定位平台系統總體性能,如XY行程量、共振頻率及重量,皆超越市售產品之性能。

The scanning probe microscopy has been successfully used in many technological areas. For fulfilling diverse technological requirements, the high-speed and long-travel scanning function becomes an important development trend to investigate the sample surface variation in a large detecting range. The purpose of this thesis is to develop a three-axis positioning system for enhancing the high-speed and long-travel scanning function of the scanning probe microscopy (SPM). The piezoelectric stack is chosen as the actuator for achieving nano-scale actuation resolution, and the amplifying flexure structure is developed to increase its actuation stroke. Moreover, the parallel spring guide and the preload adjustment device are adopted to induce the stable contact between the actuator and the guiding stage. Because of its small size and high detection resolution, the HOE-pick up head is chosen as the position detection sensor in order to compactly integrated into the positioning system. Through theoretical and finite element analyses, the relationship between the design parameters, the static and dynamic performances of the actuation amplification and the spring guide are studied in detail to optimize the positioning system. The control algorithm and the man-machine interface of this positioning system are built up on the LabVIEW software platform, and the regulation of operation parameters and the data presentation can be carried out by using the computer.
The developed positioning system has a weight of 0.17 kg with the size of length 55 mm x width 55 mm x height 50 mm. It can achieve the maximum stroke of 63.2 μm on the X axis, 57.8 μm on the Y axis, and 9.7 μm on the Z axis. The positioning system had nonlinearity of 7.4%, 6.4%, and 7.9% and the positioning resolution of 6.2 nm, 5.6 nm, and 1.0 nm on the X, Y and Z axes, respectively. Moreover, their corresponding resonance frequency of the positioning system is approximately 1.12 kHz, 1.06 kHz, and 3.06 kHz. The overall performance, such as the actuation strokes on the X and Y axes, the resonances frequency and the weight, of this positioning system is superior to current available products.

口試委員會審定書 i
誌謝 ii
摘要 iii
Abstract iv
目錄 v
圖目錄 vii
表目錄 x
符號表 xi
1 第一章 緒論 1
1.1 研究背景與動機 1
1.2 文獻回顧 1
1.2.1 致動子系統 1
1.2.2 量測子系統 3
1.3 研究目標 5
1.4 內容簡介 6
2 第二章 長行程高速奈米定位平台之架構與概念設計 7
2.1 三軸平台結構 7
2.1.1 三軸平台結構配置 7
2.1.2 導引機構 9
2.2 平台致動器 10
2.2.1 壓電致動器 11
2.2.2 撓性位移放大機構 15
2.3 位移感測器 17
2.3.1 像散式讀取頭聚焦位移量測原理與介紹 17
2.3.2 全像式光學讀取頭 18
3 第三章 三軸定位平台總體設計分析與開發 21
3.1 三軸位移平台結構配置設計 21
3.2 撓性位移放大器之設計與分析 23
3.3 撓性彈簧導引機制分析 27
3.4 回饋控制電路架構 30
4 第四章 三軸長行程高速定位平台之性能測試 32
4.1 全像式光學讀取頭之校正與檢測 32
4.2 XY單軸模組性能測試 34
4.3 三軸定位平台系統性能測試 37
5 第五章 結論與未來展望 41
參考文獻 42
附錄 45

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