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研究生(外文):Cheng-Chieh Chen
論文名稱(外文):Use Non-relational Database to Design and Implement A Visualization Platform for Health Insurance Resource Utilization
外文關鍵詞:NHIRDNHINoSQLData VisualizationNHI Resource Utilization
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Since 2000, Bureau of National Health Insurance of Taiwan commissioned the National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) to build up the "National Health Insurance Research Database(NHIRD)". NHIRD contains all insured medical record and provides excellent material for medical researcher. But researchers are difficult to handle the data amount. To those researchers, such huge amount of data has become a problem.

The relational database was developed at over twenty years ago; it has been seen as the mainstream of data storage technique. But relational database is not suitable for working with Big Data. Traditional relational database can’t working well in the approach with scale up. The new type of data storage models are commonly subsumed under the term NoSQL(Not-Only SQL). The key point is we may need to apply a new type of data storage model in NHIRD.

Focus on NHI Resource Utilization. Main purpose of present research is to set up a system based on non-relational database, try to provide a platform for analyzing NHI resource utilization systemically and to help researchers to derive significant information from NHIRD with data visualization tools.

誌謝 I
中文摘要 II
Abstract III
目錄 IV
圖目錄 VI
表目錄 VIII
第一章緒論 1
1.1研究背景 1
1.2研究動機及目的 1
1.3論文架構 1
第二章相關研究 3
2.1非關聯式資料庫 3
2.1.1 Key-Value Database 5
2.1.2 Column-Oriented Database 6
2.1.3 Document-Oriented 7
2.2 MapReduce 8
2.3 Data Visualization 10
2.4病例組合指標(CMI, Case Mix Index) 11
第三章材料與方法 12
3.1研究材料 12
3.2系統設計 13
3.2.1資料前處理 14
3.2.2資料儲存元件(DataStorage) 17
3.2.3計算元件(MapReduce Component) 18
3.2.4使用者介面及控制元件(User Interface/Controller) 19
第四章研究結果 21
4.1健保資源耗用概觀 21
4.2健保資源耗用排名 23
4.2.1疾病 23
4.2.2醫令 24
4.2.3醫療院所 24
4.3疾病資源耗用呈現 26
4.4 Timeline 28
4.4.1患者 28
4.4.2醫師 29
4.5疾病族群耗用比較 31
4.6病歷組合指標計算 32
4.7資料預篩匯出 33
4.8平台展示與討論 34
第五章結論與未來展望 37
5.1結論 37
5.2未來展望 38
參考文獻 39

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