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研究生(外文):Ying-Chun Pan
論文名稱(外文):Employing Scale-Free Network to Explain the Success of Political and Business Figures
指導教授(外文):Ching-Pu Chiao
外文關鍵詞:Career successscale-free networkBarack ObamaJack Welchhub
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The study is aimed to use the concepts of topology to explain the success of two political and business figures, the current US president Barack Obama and the former CEO of GE Jack Welch. The researcher singled out the minor and major incidents of their lives and used the concepts of scale-free networks to connect these dots. Minor points can be considered as nodes that connected few events and major points can be seen as hubs connected with many events. These data of these points, or events, were extracted from books, magazines, newspapers, videos and the information from the Internet. All of these data was processed based on grounded theory. Every event of the researched figures was listed on a memo card chronologically. The researcher then paired memo cards to examine their reciprocal relationships. If two events were related in a cause-and-effect way, they were graphically recorded and considered connected. This process was iterated with each pair of nodes until no further connections were found. The final result was a network, with some nodes connected much more than the others. These more connected nodes were called hubs which set the life directions of our research targets. These hubs placed important positive influences on the life of the research targets.
The result indicated that these hubs, or decisions, were not necessarily made by their own; sometimes these events were laid on them by accidents or from other contingent factors. The finding showed that, in our cases, there were two tracks to reach the top: promoted from within or selected from outside. In order to succeed on the first track, gaining supports from important persons within the organization was the key. These persons would set the hubs of one’s successful career. Nevertheless, to reach the top of one’s career from outside the system, gaining favors from the public was the key. The events that raised the attention from the public became the hubs that set the foundation of one’s career. The force of the public would bypass the system and sent one to the zenith of an organization.
List of Tables vii
List of Figures viii
1.1 Background 1
1.2 Statement of Problems 2
1.3 Study Purpose 3
1.4 Definition of Terms 4
1.4.1 Career Success 4
1.4.2 Grounded Theory 4
1.4.3 Scale-free Network 4
1.5 Significance of the Study 5
2.1 Career Success 6
2.2 Grounded Theory 7
2.2.1 Definition and Introduction of Grounded Theory 7
2.2.2 Research Process of Grounded Theory 8
2.3 Scale-Free Networks 9
2.3.1 Definition of Scale-Free Networks 9
2.3.2 Characteristics of Scale-Free Networks 10
2.3.3 Applications of Scale-Free Networks 11
3.1 Research Design 13
3.2 Research Figures 14
3.3 Instruments 15
3.4 Data Collection 16
3.5 Data Analysis 18
4.1 Analysis and Results of Barack Obama 23
4.1.1 Obama''s Childhood 23
4.1.2 The School Life of Obama 26
4.1.3 Obama''s Life after Graduating from University 32
4.1.4 Obama''s Political Road 41
4.2 Analysis and Results of Jack Welch 50
4.2.1 Welch''s Schooling Life 50
4.2.2 Welch''s Career Life in GE 54
4.2.3 Welch as the Chairman and CEO of GE 64
5.1 Summary 72
5.2 Discussion and Implications 73
5.3 Limitations 75
5.4 Suggestions for Future Study 75
5.5 Conclusion 77
References 79
English References 79
Chinese References 89
Appendix A Relationships among Every Event in Barack Obama''s Life 90
Appendix B Relationships among Every Event in Jack Welch''s Life 92
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