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論文名稱:整數型Bloom Filter:實現低誤差多屬性之成員查詢
論文名稱(外文):Integer Bloom Filter: Achieving Low-Error Multi-Attribute Membership Querying
指導教授(外文):HENG MA
外文關鍵詞:Bloom FilterArtificial Neutral NetworkMembership QueryingMulti-attribute Identification
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本論文結合Bloom Filter與類神經網路概念提出整數型 Bloom Filter,其目的在於識別碼之多屬性成員查詢。識別碼成員查詢之應用甚廣且通常可以使用傳統二位元Bloom Filter 作為查詢方法。近年來,由於網際網路上之資料量遽增,多屬性成員查詢開始受到學者重視,因據此可提高網路運算效能。傳統的Bloom Filter如果實作為多層或分段的模式可以達成多屬性查詢的效果;然而,卻會導致運算效能降低與誤判率提高等缺點。本論文所提以整數資料型態為基礎之Bloom Filter,配合類神經網路之重複訓練方式,嘗試克服上述缺點,訓練演算法具有動態新增及刪除樣本之特色。實驗使用之兩組資料分別為模擬之(1)台灣小客車車牌號碼與(2)電子郵件帳號。實驗結果顯示在適當條件下,對於誤判率具有優異的表現,運算呈現穩定且高效能。未來研究將進行非字串形資料包含影像與聲紋之應用。
This thesis proposes Integer Bloom Filter for multi-attribute membership querying of identifiers, which combines the concepts of Bloom Filters and artificial neutral networks. Membership querying of identifiers has been applied on a wide range of categories, and normally this type of problem could be dealt with by employing traditional binary-based Bloom Filters. Recently, as the data amount on the internet has been dramatically increased, multi-attribute membership querying has started to be emphasized by researchers because computational effectiveness can be enhanced with such a technique. Traditional Bloom Filters with multi- layer or segment implementations are capable of solving this problem; however, such implementations could result in lower computational effectiveness and higher error rates. In this thesis, a novel type of Bloom Filter with integer data is developed in an attempt to resolve the problems stated above, where the training process of artificial neural networks is incorporated. The proposed training algorithm is associated with both insertion and deletion operations, which is critical in achieving the goals of this thesis. Two experimental data were simulated including (1) car license plates in Taiwan and (2) email accounts. The results show, with appropriate parameter settings, the error rates could be controlled under a satisfactory level with intact computational effectiveness. Future research will be focused on non-string data patterns including images and voice signals.
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第一章 緒論 1
第一節 研究背景動機 1
第二節 研究目的與方法 2
第三節 研究範圍與限制 5
第二章 文獻探討 6
第一節 Bloom Filter發展與類型 6
第二節 多屬性查詢的發展 8
第三章 整數資料型態Bloom Filter演算法 12
第一節 整數單元的屬性與結構 14
第二節 樣本前處理程序 19
第三節 屬性標記決策模型 25
第四節 網路訓練學習程序 29
第四章 模式實驗與研究探討 36
第一節 樣本類型適應性實驗 36
第二節 多屬性效能評估實驗 40
第五章 結論與未來研究方向 48
第一節 研究結果與討論 48
第二節 未來研究方向與建議 49
參考文獻 50
附錄 A 樣本類型適應性實驗:樣本A(車牌號碼) 54
附錄 B 樣本類型適應性實驗:樣本B(電子郵件信箱) 59
附錄 C 多屬性效能評估實驗:樣本A(車牌號碼) 64
附錄 D 多屬性效能評估實驗:樣本B(電子郵件信箱) 67
附錄 E 樣本刪除可靠度實驗:樣本A(車牌號碼) 70
附錄 F 樣本刪除可靠度實驗:樣本B(電子郵件信箱) 74

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