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論文名稱(外文):Silicon-Based LED Packaging Module with an Integrated RGB Color Sensor
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高功率LED受高溫而降低其發光效率,造成色溫飄移,熱管理是LED封裝的一個重要問題,所以利用外部物理感測裝置,如溫度和光感測元件,以及散熱裝置與控制電路,用以調節工作溫度,可加以改善使用效率。然而,傳統電子電路不僅會增加封裝體積,也會擴增模組的複雜性和成本。為了解決上述問題,本研究中提出具有RGB色彩感測器之LED構裝模組,使用微機電積體化製程技術直接將p-n型光感測器直接製作於矽基板上,透過紅色(R)、綠色(G)、藍色(B) 彩色光阻,可分別濾出白光LED之RGB波長,藉由獨立之RGB光感測器分別感測出不同波長之強度,產生不同大小電流之輸出訊號,透過外部的電路設計與回授控制的方式,可即時監控調節各個波長強度,使得白光LED可達到穩定的輸出光亮度,以及色溫之控制。其中光波長感測元件、LED承載島狀結構經由離子佈植、彩色光阻塗佈、感應耦合電漿離子蝕刻等技術達到智慧型積體化晶圓級封裝,可有效縮小體積並降低成本,單一模組尺寸為1×1 cm2,光源為1瓦藍光LED摻雜黃色螢光粉之膠體封裝透鏡而形成之白光,透過實際製作出色彩感測元件量測之電流值,可得知LED色溫隨著驅動電流上升而改變,其色度和色溫可以在模組操作過程中被偵測得知。
Thermal management is an important issue for LED packaging. In particular, high power LEDs are subject to high temperatures, which reduce the brightness and alter the color temperature, so external physical sensing devices, such as temperature and photo sensors, and heat dissipation apparatus with control circuits are necessary, to modulate the operating temperature. However, these additions increase packaging volume, integral complexity and cost. To address the above problems, a silicon-based LED packaging module with an integrated RGB color sensor is proposed in this study. The design concept uses MEMS process and monolithic integration technology to fabricate photo sensor with RGB color photoresist on a silicon wafer for the modular packaging with LED. The RGB photo sensors used to detect the brightness and intensity of light source in specified wavelengths, and therefore the optical characterization in this packaging level can be identified for real time control. In which, the photosensitive element and LED carrier structure are directly fabricated on a silicon wafer, using ion doping, color photoresist spin coating and inductively coupled plasma etching, thereby achieving a smart LED packaging module featuring miniaturization, integration and low cost. This method reduces the cost and promotes its applications due to the system in packaging (SIP) at a wafer level. The dimensions of single module were 1×1 cm2; the light source is a 1-watt blue ray LED encapsulated yellow phosphor. Based on above measurement result, the brightness, chromaticity and color temperature of the LED packaging module can be identified during operation process.
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Abstract ii
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第一章 緒論 1
1.1 研究背景 1
1.2 研究動機 3
1.3 文獻回顧 5
1.3.1 Lamp-LED封裝技術 6
1.3.2陶瓷基板封裝技術 7
1.3.3矽基板封裝技術 8
1.3.4其他封裝技術 13
第二章 模組化設計與分析 15
2.1 元件架構 15
2.2 p-n型光感測器原理 17
2.3 白光LED發光原理 18
2.4 色度色溫原理 22
第三章 元件製作 25
3.1 光罩設計 25
3.2 模組製程規劃 28
3.3 製程結果 30
3.3.1 p-n型光感測器 30
3.3.2鈦/鋁電極 32
3.3.3 RGB彩色濾光層 33
3.3.4 ICP絕緣、絕熱溝槽 34
3.3.5 LED固晶打線 36
第四章 量測結果與討論 38
4.1 構裝模組實驗架構 38
4.2 彩色光阻濾波效能 39
4.3 LED透鏡封裝結果特性分析 42
4.3.1透鏡外觀量測 42
4.3.2白光LED光學特性分析 44
4.4 色彩感測元件量測與分析 48
第五章 結論 53
參考文獻 54
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