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研究生(外文):Shi-Hao Huang
論文名稱(外文):Visual Odometry Using Tiny Features for AGV Localization in Factory Environment
指導教授(外文):Wei-Song Lin
口試委員(外文):Hung-Yuan ChungChing-Long ShihBo-Chiuan Chen
外文關鍵詞:Automated guided vehiclevisual odometrylocalizationnavigation
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Navigation of automatic guided vehicles for transporting components inside a factory needs accurate estimates about vehicle’s position and orientation. The global positioning system fails to offer vehicle’s position in-door due to the structure of the building blocking the electromagnetic wave from the satellites. Electronic compass and radio positioning equipment are interfered severely by electromagnetic signals generated from electrical machines operating in the factory. This thesis presents a visual odometry which extracts tiny image features of the floor to estimate the displacement and orientation of the vehicle. The video camera which has an illuminating source points toward the floor to avoid disturbances resulted from reflection or shadow. We employ the scale-invariant feature transform algorithm to extract tiny image features from the image captured. Feature matching between two consecutive images enables using the triangulation method to calculate the displacement of the vehicle. Integrating the displacement data and using the rotating center of the vehicle lead to estimates of the position and orientation of the vehicle. The accuracy of estimates satisfies the requirements of AGV for factory use, and the result does not influenced by wheel slip or rough floor. Experiments under several scenarios show that path plan and modification can be achieved on the central control station. Position error is less than twenty centimeters for a path shorter than eight meters. For constant operations, the visual odometry needs a position-calibration system to eliminate accumulated errors.

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致謝 ii
中文摘要 iii
圖目錄 viii
表目錄 xii
緒論 1
1.1 研究背景和動機 1
1.2 研究目標和貢獻 5
1.3 論文架構 7
第2章 自動搬運車導引技術簡介 8
2.1 自動搬運車的導引方法 8
2.1.1 外導式導引技術 10
2.1.2 內導式導引技術 13
2.1.3 視覺里程計 17
2.1.4 導引技術總結 19
2.2 視覺里程計演算法介紹 20
2.2.1 特徵偵測 20
2.2.2 特徵描述子 22
2.2.3 特徵匹配追蹤 23
2.2.4 移動估測 25
第3章 微特徵視覺里程計定位系統 27
3.1 影像前處理 28
3.2 視覺里程計演算法 34
3.2.1 尺度不變特徵轉換 34
3.2.2 瞬時旋轉中心 40
3.3 攝影機校正 43
3.4 視覺里程計演算法流程 51
第4章 智慧型定位導引系統 55
4.1 系統架構 55
4.1.1 自動搬運車的規格 58
4.1.2 攝影機的規格 60
4.1.3 雷射測距儀的規格 63
4.2 人機介面電子地圖 64
4.3 駕駛系統 66
4.4 實驗結果 72
第5章 結論與未來展望 90
參考文獻 91

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