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研究生(外文):Jia-Ming Jiang
論文名稱(外文):Optimal design of a middle motor for a pedal electric cycle
外文關鍵詞:Electric bikebrushless permanent magnet motoraxial fluxcycloidal speed reducerfinite element analysisSoft magnetic composite
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Pure electric bikes or pedal electric cycles have been welcomed as a kind of new personal transportation. This paper proposes a novel design of a middle motor for pedal electric cycles. This middle motor is an axial-flux permanent magnet brushless dc motor with a stator plate, facing which is a rotor plate as part of a cycloidal reducer next to the stator. The whole set of middle motor and cycloidal reducer is easily installed along the same axle of the crankset of bike.
In the preliminary design, driving requirements are used to make specifications of the middle motor. The numbers of stator slots and magnet poles on rotor are then chosen for a best winding factor and the winding layout is determined accordingly. A one-dimensional magnetic circuit model of the middle motor is built and its shape optimized by using a multifunctional optimization system tool. Finally, the resulting design is verified and refined by the finite element analysis.
A prototype middle motor is fabricated. A new material, soft magnet composite, is used to replace traditional silica steel for stator. The neodymium magnets (NdFeB) are mounted on the rotor surface for its high magnet energy density. Experimental results show that the maximum torque is about 60% of what was designed because of the significant friction exerted from mechanical assemblies. However, the back electromotive force is sinusoidal and the motor is easily and efficiently controlled by sinusoidal current inputs.

中文摘要 i
Abstract ii
目錄 iii
圖目錄 v
表目錄 x
符號表 xii
1 第一章 緒論 1
1.1 研究背景 1
圖1 1 石油價格趨勢 1
圖1 2 中國大陸兩輪交通工具銷售趨勢[2] 2
1.2 文獻回顧 3
1.3 研究創意與動機 9
1.4 論文章節架構 18
2 第二章 中置動力組介紹 19
2.1 自行車規格設計 19
2.2 擺線減速機概述 26
2.3 永磁無刷馬達介紹 29
2.4 電動輔助整合式薄型動力組設計 33
2.5 電動輔助整合式薄型動力組動力分析[77] 35
2.6 電動輔助自行車控制策略 42
3 第三章 馬達設計 47
3.1 設計流程 47
3.2 繞線方式 48
3.3 槽數與極數 49
3.4 繞線規劃 52
4 第四章 基本磁路模型 55
4.1 磁路之基本原理 55
4.2 馬達基本尺寸定義 70
4.3 馬達磁路模型建立 72
4.4 靈敏度分析 80
4.5 多目標函數最佳化設計 88
4.6 直軸與交軸之數學轉換模型[92] 90
5 第五章 有限元素法分析與模擬 103
5.1 馬達模型建立與設定 103
5.2 分析結果與後處理討論 106
5.3 弱磁性能分析 116
5.4 熱分析 127
5.5 行車效率 128
6 第六章 製造與測試 130
6.1 製造流程 130
6.2 測試流程與方法 133
6.3 實驗設備 134
6.4 實驗結果與討論 137
7 第七章 結論 144
7.1 結果與討論 144
7.2 未來展望 145
參考文獻 147
附錄A 漆包線規格 157
附錄B SMC規格 158
附錄C 磁鐵規格 159
附錄D 馬達基本資料量測 160
附錄E 儀器規格 161

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