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研究生(外文):Lin, Chia Hung
論文名稱(外文):Alluring Aversion: The Monstrous and Aesthetics of Disgust
指導教授(外文):Chen, Chao Ming
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Gothic studies have developed a world of its own. Criticisms and theories struggle to capture and examine various patterns of darkness and eeriness in Gothic literature through employing customized methods and jargons. The Gothic is not just about fictional stories; it shapes and articulates certain human experiences, and explores the societal and cultural circumstances. The studies of the Gothic aesthetics are mostly related to Edmund Burke’s and Immanuel Kant’s concepts of the sublime, elaborating the darkness of human subjective experience, in which the force of the sublime and terror is emphasized, especially the feature of “overwhelming” effect. Gothic aesthetics, in facets of sublime, terror, and horror, has been elaborated but not exhausted its art of darkness. Apart from extensively studied terror in Gothic novels, another primitive affect, disgust, which cannot be denied its affecting value but still lacks elaboration and theorization, plays a significant roles in the grasp of the ambivalence of pleasurable aversion and aversive pleasure of Gothic aesthetics of darkness. This dissertation aims at interrogating the multifaceted aesthetics of disgust via re-examinations of in/famous Gothic monsters in Interview with the Vampire, The Silence of the Lambs, and American Psycho.
Acknowledgements iii
Chinese Abstract v
English Abstract vi
Introduction 1
Chapter One: Monsters and Appealing Disgust 39
Chapter Two: Interview with the Vampire 53
Chapter Three: The Silence of the Lambs 89
Chapter Four: American Psycho 125
Conclusion 145
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