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研究生(外文):Shang-Ying Wu
論文名稱(外文):Study the Correlation Between Cell Migration and Reactive Oxygen Species Under Electric Field Stimulation Using Microfluidic Devices
指導教授(外文):kai-Yin Lo
口試委員(外文):Ji-Yen ChengYung-Shin Sun
外文關鍵詞:electrotaxisROSmicrofluidic chipwound healing
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電趨性指的是貼覆的活體細胞,對具有生理強度之直流電場反應產生的趨向性移動。細胞的電趨性現象受到許多生理機制調控,比如細胞骨架、鈣離子、受質磷酸化傳遞路徑等等。活性氧(Reactive oxygen species, ROS),作為細胞間的訊息傳遞分子,也被認為是細胞反應電刺激的一個重要訊號。
微流道晶片(microfluidic chip)技術的產生,使的細胞研究更加的有效率。近年來透過微流道晶片所作研究愈來愈廣,也有許多觀察電趨性的研究報告。本篇我們設計兩種微流道,研究細胞的電趨性。在第一個部分我們針對電場強度梯度做設計,旨在研究電場給予的電趨性與細胞所產生的ROS之間的關聯。本篇實驗結果顯示電場與 β-lapachone的刺激均會提升細胞的ROS,並且提升細胞的移動速率。另外,給予抗氧化劑

Electrotaxis is the movement of adherent live cells in response to a direct current electric field (dcEF) of physiological strength. Many factors such as cytoskeleton, Ca2+, receptor kinase pathway, all participate in this phenomenon. Reactive oxygen species (ROS), well-known cell signaling molecules, are considered as an important factor in electrotaxis as well. Microfluidic chips are applicable in many studies of cell behaviors. Microfluidic chips could be used for long-term electrotaxis studies on a microscope. In this work, two kinds of microfluidic chips were designed. One microfluidic chip was created to provide different dcEF intensities in different cell culture regions. Cell migration rate is going faster under increased dcEF strengths. Cell migration rates, as well as ROS signals, were further enhanced when β-lapachone was added under dcEF stimuli. On the other hand, when ROS scavenger

口試委員審定書 i
誌謝 ii
摘要 iii
Abstract iv
目錄 vi
圖表目錄 viii
壹、前言 1
1.1 細胞的電趨性現象 1
1.1.1 細胞骨架的極化分布 2
1.1.2 鈣離子的流動 2
1.1.3 MAPK訊息傳遞路徑 2
1.1.4 細胞活性氧 3
1.2 活性氧(Reactive oxygen species, ROS)簡介 4
1.2.1 內生性ROS的產生 4
1.2.2 外源性ROS的產生 4
1.2.3 活性氧與電趨性的關聯 4
1.3 微流道系統在細胞電趨性研究上的應用 6
1.4 細胞群體移動與傷口復原的探討 7
1.5 紫外光對於細胞的傷害及應用的可能性 9
1.6 本論文使用的測試藥物 10
1.6.1 β-lapachone 10

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