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研究生(外文):Hendry Lukito
論文名稱:癌症轉移風險與經濟性評估: 半馬可夫鏈分析
論文名稱(外文):Risk and Economic Evaluation Associated to Cancer Metastasis: A Semi-Markov Analysis
指導教授(外文):Kung-Jeng Wang
口試委員(外文):Kung-Jeng Wang
外文關鍵詞:Monte Carlo simulationsemi-Markov processrisk and economic evaluationCancer metastasis
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Cancer has become one of the leading causes of death. One major cause of its high mortality is attributed to the metastasized cancer. Analogously, the medical expenses for the cancer treatment have generated a socioeconomic burden. In this study, a semi-Markov model was developed to perform risk and economic evaluation associated to several types of cancer metastasis for lung, brain, liver and lymphoma cancer. A nationwide medical database in Taiwan was used to derive baseline study population and costs data. Covariates analysis investigated the influence of gender, age and medical expenses generated to the transition risk among states. Then, the aggregate time until development of metastasis, survivability from metastasis condition and lifetime medical costs were estimated through Monte Carlo simulation. From covariates analysis, we found that the risks of metastatic cancer occurrence is significantly reduced by high medical expenses spent to treat the disease. The 20 years median lifetime cost ranged from 399,397 NTD for lung cancer-brain metastasis case to 2,145,650 NTD for brain cancer-liver metastasis case. Simulation results also revealed a positive correlation between the expensed cost and patient’s lifetime. Breaking down the cost into its components, it is revealed that drugs made up the largest portion of all expenses, accounting for 35% in average. Moreover, it was also observable that most expenses decreased gradually after diagnosis. Moreover, sensitivity analysis provides a mechanism for policy makers to review or predict the impact of several change in current condition. In conclusion, this model provides a healthcare policy decision-making mechanism to understand the disease burden of cancer metastasis cases.
Abstract i
摘要 ii
Acknowledgement iii
Table of Contents iv
List of Tables vi
List of Figures vii
1.1. Research Background 1
1.2. Research Objective 4
1.3. Research Approach 4
1.4. Research Limitation 5
1.5. Research Outline 5
2.1. Cancer Basics 7
2.2. Taiwan’s NHIRD and Its Studies 9
2.3. Semi-Markov Model 12
2.4. Monte Carlo Simulation 16
3.1. Data Description 19
3.1.1. Data Source 19
3.1.2. Data Definition and Criterion 20
3.2. Data Processing Procedure 23
3.2.1. Study Population 23
3.2.2. Costing Methods 24
3.3. Multi-State Semi-Markov Modeling 26
3.3.1. Model Structure 26
3.3.2. Identification of Transition Probabilities and Covariates Analysis 28
3.4. Simulation Model Structure 32
4.1. Experiment Scenarios 35
4.1.1. Semi-Markov Modelling 35
4.1.2. Monte Carlo Simulation 36
4.1.3. Sensitivity Analysis 38
4.2. Results 38
4.2.1. Baseline data 38
4.2.2. Results from Semi-Markov Modelling 41
4.2.3. Semi-Markov Simulation 47
4.2.4. Sensitivity Analysis 57
4.2.5. Comparison to naive statistics 58
5.1. Discussion and Conclusion 60
5.2. Future Research 65
A. Distribution Functions of Medical Cost Components 72
B. Cost Components Proportion (Percentage) 75
C. Cost Components Plots Over Time 76
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