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研究生(外文):Pao-Nan Shen
論文名稱(外文):Effects of designing welfare layer nest for egg production
外文關鍵詞:NestCurtainTemperature measurementImage processing
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本研究的目的為探討飼養於平飼福利蛋雞舍內的蛋雞在產蛋期間之產蛋情形與巢箱門簾顏色對產蛋行為的影響,依現場環境與以及CEC(1999)所規範之標準自製社區型產蛋巢箱,飼養500隻褐殼商用蛋雞,進行門簾顏色對雞隻行為之分析。使用藍色門簾之試驗組A週平均就巢率為98.06 ± 1.48 %;使用橘黃色門簾之試驗組B就巢率為98.64 ± 0.66 %,經由統計分析,在α=0.05下,由於P值<0.05,有顯著差異,證明橘黃色門簾相對於藍色門簾而言對母雞較有吸引力。
飼養環境的監控為生產管理的重要問題,而雞體溫度是雞隻對環境的反應指標,也是判斷雞群是否健康的重要依據。為快速的量測雞舍內雞群的溫度,本研究使用紅外線熱像儀在雞舍中拍攝肉雞雞群熱影像並藉由影像處理分析肉雞雞群溫度。熱像儀鏡頭中心離地160公分時,使用俯角30°進行熱影像拍攝為最佳角度,所拍攝之熱影像經過影像處理程序辨識後,成功識別肉雞頭部和分析雞群溫度,識別率高達91.3 %。

This study had two over-arching objectives: to investigate laying behavior of laying hens in different curtain’s color of nest, and measure temperature for a broiler flock with thermal imaging. Laying hens were attracted to nest with suitable curtain’s color to lay their eggs. Then, the temperatures of broiler flock were measured by using thermal imaging for future environmental control of laying hens in cage free system.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the laying situation in cage free system and effects of curtain’s color on laying behavior of laying hens. Five hundred commercial layers were used and randomly allocated to two groups. The average nesting rate per week of the group A with blue curtain on nest was 98.06 ± 1.48 %. The average nesting rate per week of the group B with orange curtain on nest was 98.64 ± 0.66 %. The difference between blue and orange was significant (p<0.05, α=0.05). It shows that laying hens like the nest with orange curtain on nest.
Broiler body temperature is an important indicator of both a broiler''s response to its environment and its overall health. This study used an infrared thermal camera to capture the thermal images of a broiler flock in a broiler house and then analyzed the temperatures of the broiler flock by image processing. Given the lack of feathers on a broiler''s head and feet, the thermal images showed a raised temperature for these parts, making the head an appropriate part for measuring body temperature. The average or Gaussian filter was first used to smooth the images, after which the Otsu automatic threshold algorithm was used to determine the gray-scale thresholds and to segment the broiler''s head and feet, followed by segmenting of the overlapping broiler images via the watershed method. Area filtering was then used to identify the broiler head blocks among the segmented blocks. Finally, the labeling methodology was used to calculate the number of broilers in each image. Analysis results show that the proposed image processing procedures can successfully identify the broiler head and analyze the temperatures of the broiler flock by capturing thermal images from a height of 160 cm and a depression angle of 30, while achieving an identification accuracy of up to 91.3%.

摘要 i
Abstract ii
目次 iii
表目次 v
圖目次 vi
壹、 前言 1
貳、 文獻探討 3
參、 材料與方法 5
一、 巢箱門簾對蛋雞產蛋行為之影響 5
(一) 試驗雞隻 5
(二) 試驗場地 7
(三) 社區型巢箱設計 8
(四) 試驗步驟 15
二、 熱影像應用於雞群溫度之量測 16
(一) 試驗設備 16
(二) 雞群熱影像的溫度值 16
(三) 雞群熱影像拍攝參數試驗 17
(四) 影像分析流程 18
(五) 影像擷取 18
(六) 影像平滑處理 18
(七) 影像分割 18
(八) 中值濾波和分水嶺 18
(九) 面積過濾分析與雞隻計數 19
(十) 人機介面 21
肆、 結果與討論 22
一、 巢箱門簾對蛋雞產蛋行為之影響 22
(一) 蛋雞就巢率 22
(二) 集蛋破損情形 23
(三) 集蛋時間間隔 25
二、 熱影像應用於雞群溫度之量測 28
(一) 肉雞頭部的平均溫度和放射係數 28
(二) 熱影像拍攝角度選擇 29
(三) 影像分析 30
(四) 拍攝俯角分析 31
伍、 結論 33
陸、 參考文獻 35
附錄A、雙黃蛋長短軸量測記錄表 38
附錄B、第1次試驗_藍色門簾產蛋記錄表 39
附錄C、第1次試驗_橘黃色門簾產蛋記錄表 47
附錄D、第2次試驗_橘黃色門簾產蛋記錄表 55
附錄E、第2次試驗_巴達利籠飼產蛋記錄表 65

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