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論文名稱(外文):Design and Implementation of a Beach Cleaning Robot System
指導教授(外文):Jung-Hua Chou
中文關鍵詞:Rocker Bogie清潔機器人沙灘
外文關鍵詞:Cleaning RobotRocker BogieBeach
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本論文旨在研製一沙灘專用的清潔機器人,其清掃對象主要設定為寶特瓶及鐵鋁罐等大小的廢棄物。為了適應沙地這樣不易於一般載具移動的地形,機器人以Rocker Bogie的結構作為底盤。機器人以微處理器dsPIC30F4012以及dsPIC30F4011作為主要的控制晶片,用以驅動馬達、以及處理感測器的訊號等;並使用CAN Bus作為各晶片間的通訊界面,而以RS-232聯絡主要晶片與電腦端。本論文機器人備有雷射感測器搭配360度的旋轉鏡面,作為周遭地形偵測、避障用途;且設有影像感測器,偵測海岸線邊緣,避免機器人誤入海中,確保工作的安全區域;並以GPS定位系統來確認與指定其清掃區域。
In this study, a beach cleaning robot system is designed and implemented. The goal is to clean beach trashes with a size as big as normal-sized PET bottles or beverage cans. To move around a beach of which the surface is bumpy and uneven, the main body of the robot is made of the structure called rocker bogie. The brain of the robot is consists of microcontrollers dsPIC30F4011 and dsPIC30F4012 which have flash memory to allow developers to burn and write control programs repeatedly. The microcontrollers are used both to control the motors which drive the robot to move and to process signals received from the sensors. Furthermore, the microcontrollers communicate with each other by CAN Bus and the main chip communicates with a personal computer by RS-232.

The sensors include a ranging laser, a webcam, and a Global Positioning System (GPS) on the beach cleaning robot system. The laser is assembled with a mirror specifically made to rotate 360 degrees continuously for environmental ranging detection and obstacle avoidance. The webcam is used for coastline detection so that the system can prevent the robot from going into the sea. Because of the vast expanse of the beach, the robot needs a GPS for its localization and proper movement. By cooperating the sensors with each other properly, the robot can execute the tasks well.

摘要 I
Extended Abstract II
致謝 VII
表目錄 XII
圖目錄 XIII
第一章 緒論 1
1.1前言 1
1.2研究動機與目的 2
1.3文獻回顧 2
1.3.1 Rocker Bogie 文獻回顧 2
1.3.2 感測器文獻回顧 3
1.3.3 路徑規劃文獻回顧 5
1.3.4 清潔機器人文獻回顧 6
1.4論文架構 9
第二章 機器人系統設計與系統架構 10
2.1 系統架構與硬體設計 10
2.2 Rocker Bogic 機構設計 12
2.2.1 Rocker Bogie 原始設計 12
2.2.2 沙灘清潔機器人之Rocker Bogie 13
2.3 驅動系統 15
2.3.1 皮帶驅動 15
2.3.2 挖砂胎 17
2.4 清潔機構 18
2.5 硬體規格 19
2.5.1 微處理器 19
2.5.2 微處理器之通訊介面 20
2.5.3 馬達與電源系統 21
2.6 感測系統 22
2.6.1 Logitech網路攝影機 23
2.6.2 雷射感測器 23
2.6.3 全球定位系統(GPS) 25
第三章 軟體系統 30
3.1 系統流程 30
3.2 沙灘影像辨識 30
3.2.1 RGB轉HSV 31
3.2.2 二值化 31
3.2.3 形態學運算 32
3.2.4 直方圖 33
3.2.5 迴歸分析 33
3.3 牛耕田路徑規劃 33
第四章 實驗結果與討論 35
4.1雷射感測器具離量測實驗 35
4.2 雷射感測器環境偵測實驗 36
4.3 GPS定位實測 37
4.4 海岸線辨識實驗 38
4.5 機器人行走距離實測 39
第五章 結論與未來展望 41
5.1 結論 41
5.2 未來展望 41
參考文獻 42

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