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研究生(外文):Guan-Chun Huang
論文名稱(外文):Portfolio of Contracts under the Buyback Contract for Unknown Risk Attitude
指導教授(外文):Ying-Chieh Yeh
外文關鍵詞:Newsvendor ProblemCoordination MechanismMean-Variance AnalysisBuyback Contract
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Coordination of supply chain has been widely discussed in many research. Some of them only discussed the situation of risk-neutral agents. However, the assumption of risk-neutral seems to be inadequate for the supply chain in reality. Hence, in this study, we discussed the newsvendor model with risk-averse retailer. To eliminate the double marginalization, scholars extended many methods. Such as quantity discount, buyback, quantity flexibility, Sales-rebate and revenue sharing contracts and so on.
As retailers bear the inventory and shortage risk, therefore retailer’s risk feelings will affect their decision made. Generally, the risk-averse retailer face with the case of uncertain demand, her order quantity will lower than risk-neutral retailer. However, lower order quantities will let supplier and retailer profit decreased.
In this research, we discuss under buyback contract, supplier provide a cooperation mechanism to risk aversion retailers, based on different degree of risk aversion retailers to explore the extent of buyback contract, to discuss buyback contract re, suppliers offer a contract to retailers to increase profits each other. So when suppliers face a risk aversion retailers should consider the risk attitude to make the decision and design contract.

中文摘要 i
Abstract ii
目錄 iii
圖目錄 v
表目錄 vi
第一章 緒論 1
1.1研究背景/動機 1
1.2研究目標 2
1.3研究架構 3
第二章 文獻探討 4
2.1報童問題 4
2.2 協調機制 5
2.3均值-方差分析 9
第三章 模型與分析 10
3.1. 情境0-原始報童合約與風險中立供應商與風險中立零售商 14
3.2. 情境1-原始報童合約與風險中立供應商與風險趨避零售商 16
3.3. 情境2-以買回合約制訂合約組合與風險中立供應商及風險趨避零售商 18
第四章 數值分析 22
4.1. 數值範例 22
4.2 敏感度分析 25
4.2.1買回價格之決策分析 25
4.2.2訂購數量之決策分析 27
4.2.3產品單位成本之影響分析 28
4.2.4批發價之影響分析 30
4.2.5零售價之影響分析 31
第五章 結論與未來研究 33
5.1 結論 33
5.2 未來研究 34
文獻來源 36

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