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研究生(外文):Hsiao, Jui-yuan
論文名稱(外文):The Study of Disc Thermal Effect to Active Control in Vehicle Brake System
指導教授(外文):Chen, ching-I
口試委員(外文):Nee, chin-yuTu, tsung-hsien
外文關鍵詞:brake systembrake disc thermal effectactive brake systemArduino controller
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本文在討論汽車煞車時,因煞車碟盤與來令片磨擦等因素,導致煞車碟盤過熱及煞車油溫過高,造成煞車系統失靈,而產生交通意外事故發生,造成人員傷害。藉由改善煞車系統,降低煞車失效所造成人員傷害,故使用「主動式煞車碟盤散熱系統裝置」來進行煞車碟盤散熱,進而降低煞車系統失效。本系統設計固定式散熱風罩與未加裝散熱裝置之煞車系統,進行靜態與行進動態測試分析,發現當行進車輛之煞車油溫達到溫度時,而Arduino控制器將啟動風扇,因而產生散熱作用,分別於1、2、3、4、5分鐘後測試三點之溫度變化,結果為有裝置固定式散熱風罩之煞車系統之溫度下降幅度約8~10 % ,足以證明裝置固定式散熱風罩之煞車系統成效良好,推測該系統可解決行進車輛之煞車系統溫度上升之問題,進而減少交通事故產生,達到大眾之利益。

The emergence of vehicle brings the world of science and technology change. Because the changing speed of vehicle, shortening the distance between the two places reduce the time, money and distance in certain situation. Nevertheless, derived from the problems caused by the traffic accidents such as physical disability, trauma, limb function to the people. Therefore, the evolutions of vehicle protection designs, knowledge and awareness are provided. The vehicle is equipped with a suspension, brake system, steering system, which the most important subsystem is braking system.
When the vehicle is traveling under repeated brake actions, the brake disc might overheated and the brake oil temperature is too high due to the brake action caused by friction. These phenomenal may cause in a failure of the braking system rendering a traffic accident.
This article investigated a device to reduce the temperature of brake disc and brake oil. In order to improve the braking system, when the vehicle is traveling at a high speed, so that the "brake system fan is used for heat dissipation" is performed. The system design fixed cooling hood and the installation of the cooling device without the installation of the brake system. A static and dynamic test analysis were performed and found that when the brake oil temperature reaches to higher temperature. The Arduino controller was designed to start the fan resulting in heat dissipation. The test results of the three points temperature change, after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes respectively were presented. It was shown that a fixed cooling hood of the brake system temperature drops of about 8 to 10 %. It is speculated that the system can solve the problem of the rising temperature of the braking system of the traveling vehicle, and then reduce the traffic accident and realize the benefit of the public.

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