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研究生(外文):Nguyen Thi Ha Trang
論文名稱:運用實驗設計(DOE)於蝦養殖良品率改善之研究 ─ 以台灣屏東L鄉鎮之個案為例
論文名稱(外文):Design of Experiment (DOE) Techniques Applied to Improving Shrimp Farming Yield Rate- A Case Study of L Township, Pingtung, Taiwan.
指導教授(外文):Chee-Cheng Chen
口試委員(外文):Pao- Tiao ChuangWen-Ying ChengChee- Cheng Chen
外文關鍵詞:design of experimentyield rateshrimp farminggiant water prawn
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實驗設計法(DOE)是一種非常有效的統計方法,自1920由英國的Ronald Fisher博士開始推廣,同時亦研究多變量的影響。1950年,實驗設計法在Box及其共同研究者於化學製品研究的反應曲面設計上有廣泛的應用。從 1951 年到 70 年代末期間,實驗設計法在工業上應用大量地增加。Genechi Taguchi博士為日本電子控制實驗室的研究員,他採用實驗設計法進行了有影響力的研究。他相當努力地讓這個實驗方法能更容易被應用,並且使用它來提升產品的品質。Taguchi法在經濟上能滿足解決問題和產品或加工設計專案優化的需求。在這方面,實驗設計法是一個系統性的研究法,用來確立影響程序的輸入因素以及程序輸出變數之間的關係。它已經在許多的商業環節中被體現,包含服務業、製造業、醫療、國防、農業和公共服務業。然而,在過去的文獻中,尚未找到實驗設計法具體被應用於水產養殖領域決定輸入因素影響的研究。本研究藉由實驗設計法對於影響蝦養殖收益率的決定因素進行探討。調查之數據係自台灣屏東縣 L鄉當地的蝦養殖場收集而得,並以Minitab軟體進
Design of Experiments (DOE) is a powerful statistical technique which was introduced by Dr. Ronald Fisher in England in the 1920's to simultaneously study the effect of multiple variables. In the years of 1950, the experimental design technique was used in chemical by the extensive work of Box and his collaborators on response surface designs. During the period of time from 1951 to the late 1970s, there has been a tremendous increase in the application of experimental design techniques in the industry. Working as a researcher in Electronic Control Laboratory in Japan, Dr. Genechi Taguchi carried out significant research with DOE techniques. He spent considerable effort to make this experimental technique easier to apply and used it to improve the quality of manufactured products. Taguchi methodology approach can economically satisfy the needs of problem-solving and product or process design optimization projects. In this regard, Design of experiments is a systematic
methodology which used to determine the relationship between the input factors that affect a process and the output variables of that process. It has been practiced in numerous business segments including services, manufacturing, healthcare, defense, agricultural and public service. Studies that used DOE specifically in the determining the effect of input factors in the field of aquaculture were not found in the literature. This study investigates the determinants that affect the shrimp farming yield rate, using the design of experiment technique. The data were collected in a shrimp local farm which is located in L Township, Pingtung, Taiwan. The test research is analyzed by using Minitab software. The result shows that sorted shrimp and the interaction between the density of shrimp farming and water wheel are the input factors which have the most significant influence upon shrimp farming yield rate. Besides, the contour plot explores the relationship between the yield rate and the interaction of two variables. This tool identifies the most effective determinant in shrimp farming improving yield rate and become the base of farming operating conditions needed to improve the yield rate
摘 要 I
Abstract III
1.1 Research Background 1
1.2. Research Motivation 3
1.3 Research Objectives 4
1.3.1 General Objectives 4
1.3.2 Specific Objectives 5
1.4 Research Content 5
2.1 Design of Experiment- General Theory 8
2.1.1 Design of Experiment 8
2.1.2. Components of Experimental Design 10
2.1.3. The principles of design of experiment 11
2.1.4. The uses of design of experiment 12
2.1.5 The process of Design of Experiment 16
2.1.6. Journal Reviews 20
2.2 Shrimp Farming 29
2.2.1 Definition 29
2.2.2. Factors affecting the shrimp farming development 30
2.2.3. The yield rate of shrimp farming 34
3.2. Data Collection 37
3.3. Design of Experiment Technique Process 37
4.1. Research Area 42
4.2 Case Study 43
4.2.1 Setting Goal of Research 43 Setting the goal of experiment 43 Creating the fish-bone chart 45
4.2.2 Setting the input variables 47 Factor Experiment Screen 47 Factors Level Comparison and Interaction 48
4.2.3 Data Analysis 48
4.2.4 Experimental Design 50
4.2.5 Performance of experiment 51
5.1. Pareto Analysis 53
5.1.1. Background 53
5.1.2. Defining the Most Significant Factor 54
5.2. Evaluation of the Main Factor 55
5.3 Interaction Plot 57
5.4 Results Comparison 66
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