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研究生(外文):Tzu-Hsien Chiu
論文名稱(外文):The Effects of Environmental Dynamism and CEO Experiences on Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Taobao Sellers
外文關鍵詞:Environmental DynamismCEO experienceUpper Echelons TheoryE-commerceTaobao
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  研究結果顯示, (1) 產業的環境動態性對於公司績效有正向影響,獲得支持, (2) 執行長的過往經驗對於公司績效有正向影響,獲得部分支持, (3) 環境動態性並不會正向增強執行長經驗對於公司績效的影響。
  本研究根據上述結果,對電商店鋪經營者提出建議,期望有助於其發展。作為淘寶店鋪的執行長,在經營上必須特別關注: (1)公司必須頻繁為其改變營銷作法, (2)過時相當快, (3)競爭對手行為不可預測, (4)消費者需求和喜好不可預測, (5)生產主流模式頻繁改變 之產品,才有望拉高公司績效表現,並避免陷入價格戰中。
With the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce has caught more and more attention in recent years. The environmental competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Most of the e-commerce dealers are individuals or small businesses, implying it is likely that top managers go directly through the decision making and influence the performance of the company. This study takes Taobao dealers as the research sample, and examines the influence of environmental dynamism and CEO experiences on the performance of the company. In this study, we use the survey method to collect data via a questionnaire. The data were analyzed by statistical analysis to test the hypothesis proposed in this study. Main statistical methods include reliability analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis.
The results show that: (1) environmental dynamism has a positive impact on firm performance, (2) CEO''s past experience has a partly positive impact on firm performance, and (3) environmental dynamism doesn’t positively enhance the relation between CEO experiences and firm performance.
Based on these results, this study provides some advises to the sellers of e-commerce. As the sellers of Taobao shops, in order to pull up the company''s performance, and to avoid falling into the price war, they must pay extra attention to the business where: (1) the company must change its marketing practices frequently, (2) life cycle of products are short, (3) competitors’ behavior is unpredictable, (4) consumer preferences are unpredictable, and (5) common production mode changes frequently,
In the CEO experiences part, this study breaks it down into two discussions, namely, management knowledge experiences and entrepreneurship & industry experiences. According to the results, we suggest that it is important for the CEO to enhance their own knowledge management capacity. We’ve also seen entrepreneurial experience has a significant positive impact on the firm’s performance. This study deduced entrepreneurial experience is a composite experience type, including the management, market outlook and so on, rich entrepreneurial experience for the CEO can help him/her bring more help, and drive overall firm’s performanc. The past work experience has a significant negative impact, the longer the length of the CEO work experience is, the more conservative strategy model he/she will use, thereby reducing the performance of the company. For environmental dynamism, there is no significant moderating effects on CEO experience towards firm performance. The possible reason is that even though external high-level environmental changes indeedly provides more opportunities for firms to achieve high performance, it’s not necessarily limited for the experienced CEOs.
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