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研究生(外文):HUANG, YEN-HUA
論文名稱(外文):Software-defined Methodologies Impact on Software Development and Service
外文關鍵詞:Software-definedIntelligentQuality of ServiceSoftware EngineeringProgram Transformation
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Computing systems and services are now required to provide services with quality. Information technology is moving toward a new “software-defined” (SD) era that makes software more "in command" of a greater range of infrastructure services for storage and networking. Nowadays the Software-defined technique mostly applied in hardware and infrastructure category. However, Software-defined can be used in information service which are in wider scope. Software-defined may make traditional system have the characteristic to react or adjust elastically and smartly based on operating environment and circumstances. In this dissertation, I analyzed the core principle from software-defined networking techniques, and proposed a method to implement software-defined which can be applicable for wide range of information service system. And designed a constructed foundation that contains system architecture, operational processes and requirements specification which are required by software-defined system. In experiment the work transformed traditional informational system into software-defined system. The result shows that software-defined method can be applied to general information system and also enhanced the quality of service.
摘要 i
Abstract i
致謝 ii
目錄 iii
圖目錄 v
表目錄 v
第 1 章 導論 1
1.1 前言 1
1.2 研究動機 2
1.3 研究目的 4
1.4 章節安排 6
第 2 章 背景知識與相關研究 7
2.1 軟體定義網路(SDN) 7
2.1.1 SDN的實施: 8
2.1.2 SDN的優勢 9
2.2 軟體定義所有(Software Defined Everything, SDE) 10
2.3 軟體定義安全(Software Defined Security, SDSec) 10
2.4 軟體定義儲存(Software Defined Storage, SDS) 11
2.5 開發流程與其他背景知識 11
第 3 章 研究方法 15
3.1 軟體定義架構分析 16
3.1.1 傳統軟體定義架構 16
3.1.2 軟體定義概念進階應用 18
3.2 軟體定義方法 22
3.3 軟體定義系統建構 25
3.3.1 高適應性軟體定義系統架構 26
3.3.2 原始系統與軟體定義規則連結架構 28
3.3.3 高適應性軟體定義系統優勢 32
3.4 軟體定義需求分析 35
3.4.1 軟體定義成本 36
3.4.2 軟體定義需求總表 36
3.4.3 需求類別描述 38 Function Level Requirement 38 Application Level Requirement 40 OS Level Requirement 42
3.4.4 通用需求與動作描述 45 通用需求 45 動作需求 47
第 4 章 實驗與分析 50
4.1 老年醫學健康服務系統(GGHCS)簡介 50
4.2 實驗系統架構與環境 51
4.3 實驗情境與參數 52
4.3.1 案例一:血壓監測服務 52
4.3.2 案例二:GGHCS疾病預防分析系統之管理服務 54
4.4 實驗結果 56
4.4.1 案例一:血壓監測服務比較 56
4.4.2 案例二:GGHCS疾病預防分析系統之管理服務比較 58
第 5 章 結論與未來展望 63
5.1 結論與研究貢獻 63
5.2 未來研究方向 64
參考文獻 66
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