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論文名稱:智慧型穿戴裝置鑑識研究: 以Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50為例
論文名稱(外文):Smart Wearable Devices Forensics : A Case Study of Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50
外文關鍵詞:Smart Wearable DevicesDigital Detection ProcessSmart Watch Forensics
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目前市場上有許多智慧手錶的廠牌,而本研究針對Android系統中的Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50的特性,提出一個有關符合智慧手錶鑑識架構與方法,並模擬當警方搜索扣押到Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50的犯罪情境,進而來探討相關數位證據的可能來源,節省數位鑑識時間,並確保相關數位證據的識別和獲取,最後進行數位鑑識流程整理、分析,如何將所採取到數位證據予以符合證據能力及證明力原則,未來可供司法單位作為起訴至審判相關有利的證據。

Due to the development of the technology of smartphone and internet, many products are made to assist smart mobile devices. The leading manufacturers are not only enhancing the hardware or software of smartphone, but also creating wearable devices, such as smart watch for leading a more convenient life. The principal feature of smart watch is receiving messages from smartphone, which provide better access for users. But criminals manipulate this feature, that the messages no longer exist after being sent, to communicate among each other to commit crimes. Thus, tools for digital forensic are required to restore the messages, and we have to be more careful when collecting evidences.
So far there are a series of smart watches on the market. This study, which points at the characteristic of Android system in the Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50, presented the architecture and methods for a smart watch making identification, and simulated a circumstance that the police search and seize the crime of Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 and then to explore the possible sources of relevant digital evidence, saving the time of digital identification and ensure the identification and acquisition of relevant digital evidence. Finally, arrange and analyze the process of digital identification. How to make the digital evidences to be consistent with the weight and the admissibility of the evidences, and in the future, which will be relevantly favorable for the judiciary among the procedure from prosecution to justice.

Keywords:Smart Wearable Devices, Digital Detection Process, Smart Watch Forensics
中文摘要 I
目錄 III
圖目錄 V
表目錄 VII
第一章 緒論 1
1.1 研究背景 2
1.2 研究動機與目的 5
1.3 研究範圍與限制 6
1.4 研究方法流程與架構 7
第二章 數位鑑識理論與穿戴裝置鑑識文獻探討 11
2.1 國際相關數位鑑識原則 11
2.1.1 美國國家司法研究院 13
2.1.2 歐洲鑑識科學協會 14
2.1.3 英國警察首長協會電腦證據處理準則 15
2.1.4 國際資訊安全標準程序-ISO 27043 15
2.2 Android手機鑑識 17
2.3 Samsung Gear 2 Neo鑑識 19
2.4 Google Glass鑑識 22
第三章 穿戴裝置背景知識 24
3.1 智慧型穿戴裝置介紹 24
3.1.1 穿戴裝置發展歷程 24
3.1.2 穿戴裝置應用領域 26
3.1.3 穿戴裝置應用種類 28
3.2 Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50外部硬體規格 29
3.3 Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50系統架構設計 30
第四章 解決方案 34
4.1 常見的鑑識軟體比較 34
4.2 MOBILedit鑑識軟體介紹 35
4.3 MOBILedit Forensic Express功能表 37
4.3.1 實體數據擷取和分析 38
4.3.2 進階應用程式分析 39
4.3.3 刪除數據恢復 39
4.3.4 具有GPU加速運算密碼破解 40
4.3.5 64位元處理器與同時多工提取 41
4.3.6 精確的報告 41
第五章 案例實驗模擬 43
5.1 模擬犯罪情境說明 43
5.2 Sony SmartWatch 3 SRW50偵查與數位鑑識過程 44
5.3 數位鑑識結果分析與結論 56
第六章 結論 63
6.1 總結 63
6.2 後續研究 63
6.3 未來發展 64
參考文獻 65
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