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論文名稱(外文):Adaptive Contrast Enhancement for Satellite Image Registration
指導教授(外文):Chao-Hung Lin
外文關鍵詞:Image matchingimage contrast adjustmentoptical satellite image
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Remote sensing researches using optical satellite images have been addressed for years. Image matching is one of the key techniques applied to remote sensing applications. For instance, image fusion and orthogonal image generation require the step of image matching in data processing. This study focuses on image matching for optical satellite images. The goal is to improve matching results in terms of algorithm robustness and the number of matched feature pairs. The matching algorithm proposed in this study is based on Speed Up Robust Feature (SURF). The feature points are detected and encoded by SURF algorithm. Furthermore, the matching feature points in input images are matched using their encoded descriptions. Algorithm efficiency and robustness are the advantages of SURF algorithm. However, detailed features in near-homogenous regions of the satellite images may not be successfully detected because of the inefficient spatial resolution of satellite images. In this study, a local image enhancement is performed prior to the feature detection. Image contrast adjustment of different degrees produces an image ranking in the order of image contrast. This image ranking is further processed by SURF algorithm. The image rank will have the achievement about the sum of the contrast image rank’s matching results. From quantitative and qualitative analyses, image matching with the proposed local image enhancement improve the matching results, in terms of matching accuracy and number of matched pairs.
摘要 I
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第一章 緒論 1
1.1研究動機 1
1.2研究目的 2
1.3研究方法與流程 3
1.4研究貢獻 5
1.5論文架構 6
第二章 相關研究 7
2.1衛星影像特性 7
2.2相關影像匹配演算法 8
2.3影像匹配應用 14
第三章 方法 18
3.1演算法流程 18
3.2影像資料前處理 19
3.2.1影像對比度增強演算法 21
3.2.2影像前處理演算法模型 33
3.3影像特徵匹配演算法 35
3.3.1影像特徵偵測 35
3.3.2影像特徵描述 41
3.3.3影像特徵匹配 44
3.3.4影像匹配成果校正 46
3.4影像對位 49
3.4.1影像像座標轉換矩陣 50
3.4.2反向雙線性內插法 53
3.4.3影像融合 56
第四章 實作成果 59
4.1測試資料收集與產製 60
4.2自製影像對位成果 64
4.3影像波段對位成果 73
4.4相同感測器影像對位成果 81
4.5不同感測器同類型波段影像對位成果 89
4.6不同感測器影像對位成果 98
4.7成果討論與演算法最佳化 107
第五章 結論與演算法限制 110
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